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Paris In The Springtime

Christina asks Mallory why she's upset, and points out that either her friendship with Leah is worth keeping or it's not worth keeping. Mallory says she's been thinking about that. Christina says that if Mallory feels burnt out, she feels burnt out. Either Christina likes repeating herself, or she doesn't like repeating herself. Christina advises Mallory to pick her battles, and repeats again, "If you want to battle her, then battle her. If you don't, you don't." Mallory says she obviously doesn't want any battles.

Leah runs downstairs and finds that a package has arrived for her. She opens it with a giant butcher knife, which is really bad for the knife. The next person who tries to chop an onion is in for a rude awakening. Leah opens the card and dramatically gasps for the benefit of the camera. Leah interviews that Giuseppe sent her a package and that he wants her to visit him in Florence, so she's going. What about his girlfriend? Leah asks Simon to go to Florence with her. Simon interviews that he doesn't want to go, but that he feels he will probably have to, because Leah needs someone to go. Why? Why can't she go by herself? This mystery -- a key plot point in the episode -- is never explained. Simon says he'll call home and then let Leah know. So presumably he's going to claim he doesn't have enough money to go.

Leah, her mouth full of cereal, asks Christina if she can go to Florence. Speaking of a lack of class -- something Leah has accused CT of many times -- what's up with talking with your mouth full? Christina makes some excuse about a friend who might be coming to town that weekend. Mallory interviews that the only reason Leah is asking her to go to Florence is because she needs someone to go. Would someone explain why Leah needs someone to go? Is she just nervous about going alone, or is there a more legitimate reason? Leah asks Mallory if she'll go along if there is no one else to go. Well, that's an enticing offer: "I don't really want you to go, and I know you don't want to go, and I don't really like you, but will you do me a favor and go anyway?" Oh, please! Let me rush and buy my ticket!

In the bedroom, Jamie whispers to CT, "Christina told Wendy that she's scared of you." She did? Why wasn't that on camera? Or is that just Wendy's interpretation of what Christina said? CT interviews that the information went from Christina to Wendy to Jamie, and it was that Christina was scared to talk to CT about issues. CT visits Christina and asks why she's afraid to talk to him. Christina says she gets frustrated because CT always defends himself verbally. CT tells Christina not to be scared. Wendy and Jamie are totally eavesdropping from the stairwell. Wouldn't you? Christina says she's never lived with someone who is physically aggressive. CT claims he's mild compared to his friends at home. But that doesn't change the fact that he's aggressive and she's scared. CT always misses the point. Christina says, "Seeing you with Jamie is a whole different limelight." "Limelight"? Christina also says that when CT is turned on, he's really turned on. She needs to think before she speaks. Christina says that CT can be wonderful and charming.

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