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Paris In The Springtime

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Paris In The Springtime

Previously on The Real World: Leah met a dude named Giuseppe in Florence. CT's (ex?)-girlfriend Jamie came to visit, and CT was really happy to see her.

I apologize in advance, but there won't be a Most Awesome Thing in this recap due to a TiFaux disaster, where I lost all the potentially awesome shows I had saved up. But if you aren't watching former Most Awesome Thing, Starting Over, you totally should be, because it's only gotten more awesome. Eiffel Tower Shot Quarante-Cinq. Jamie and CT hang out around Paris, snuggling and kissing. CT interviews that Jamie is making his time in Paris more enjoyable, and that they look at each other and can't believe they are in Paris. Jamie says that she would marry CT, have his kids, and live together with him for the rest of their lives. CT says that she's crazy, and Jamie says that she doesn't want to start today. CT interviews that he wants Jamie to be around him all of the time. He details that he wants her to be both by his side and hanging on his back. What? Why would you want someone hanging on your back? That seems like it would be really annoying. Jamie and CT continue to take in the sights of Paris. CT interviews that he and Jamie are like a unit (hee, unit), and that having her there makes him feel less alone.

Mallory, Simon, and Christina go to a restaurant with Jamie's friend Wendy. Mallory explains that she's tried to reach out to CT, but that it hasn't worked out. Simon adds that CT burns all of his bridges. Christina interviews that CT told Wendy that he feels alone in the house, which makes her sad. Mallory says that CT doesn't know how to handle certain situations, and can piss people off. Wendy barely moves her mouth as she talks, so I thought someone else was speaking at first. She explains that CT thinks everyone is picking arguments with him. Simon says that when someone "keeps pushing your buttons every day, the small things do matter." Mallory says she knows that CT has good intentions, and that she can see a good person inside him, especially since Jamie has been around. Wendy says that CT makes Jamie happy, which makes Wendy happy in turn. Christina sits in silent thought. The editors patch in black and white footage of Christina and Chris sitting in the hot tub, and then arguing. So are we supposed to think that's what she's contemplating? She's really probably trying to decide how to get rid of her split ends. And are we supposed to think that she's jealous of Jamie, since she and CT seemed headed for a hookup earlier in the season? Wendy says that Jamie's face lights up when CT walks in the room. Christina thinks Jamie is sweet, and then says that she doesn't know CT. Christina interviews that CT is a mystery to her, and that she can never predict his actions. As much as CT is an asshole sometimes, he has certainly made this season more bearable for me, precisely because he is unpredictable, and not so evil that I just hate him.

Back at the house, Leah and Mallory get ready for their day without speaking, although they are only feet away from each other. In a confessional, Mallory says that she really can't stand Leah. Flashback to Leah and Mallory's big fight in the restaurant. The editors are totally digging the flashbacks this week. In a confessional, Mallory says that Leah is "so bitter," and that she feels "judged by Leah."

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