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Outward Bound (but not gagged)

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Outward Bound (but not gagged)

B-roll of London in the morning. Birds, blossoming trees, and a store owner opening his shop. Lars puts on a record and dances. Funny, I wouldn't have thought that Lars would be a perky fellow in the morning. Or maybe he's still up and has some blow left over from the night before. Anyway, it's time to send the flatmates on a trip so that a) something will happen and b) no one [cough] Kat [cough] will have a chance to escape the cameras. Yes, that's right. After last week's phone bill extravaganza, Bunim-Murray have wisely decided to shake things up a bit and hope that a change of setting will provoke some TV-worthy shenanigans. "I have pretty mixed feelings about going on a weekend trip with my flatmates," says Lars in an interview. Then they show a bunch of shots of all the flatmates shoveling cereal in their mouths and coming down the stairs with their bags packed. "Personally I was really excited when I found out we were going on this trip together," says Sharon, who gets "really excited" when Legend only poos in her room once within a twenty-four-hour period. Kat, in an interview of her own, points out that while everyone was excited about the trip, no one was "too jazzed" about spending the weekend together.

The gang piles into a Bunim-Murray-ordained van parked out front, although no one knows where they're going. The van takes them to a train station, where they pose for a group photo and then get on a train. On the train, there is actually a moment where Neil smiles, so they edit that in, and Jay tells us in a sitdown that they have no idea where they are going. Hey, I just saw a movie just like this where all these people are forced onto a train and they aren't told where they're going. It was called Schindler's List. Only Schinder's List had more sex scenes. And even though it was about three hours long, it felt a lot shorter than a half-hour episode of Real World London.

Five hours later, they get off the train. Jay still has no idea where they are. Jay? Did you check that big sign at the train station? The one that tells you what town you're getting off at? The sign that just about every train station has? Never mind. Anyway, some guy dressed in a great deal of Gore-Tex® greets them at this mystery location, introduces himself to the group as "Richard," and tells them that they'll be all doing an Outward Bound program. Kat explains to Jacinda that Outward Bound is "where they dump you in the wilderness and you have to figure out how to get out." Jacinda is all, "You're joking." Hey, by the way, who is taking care of Legend?

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