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Outward Bored

In yet another stupid Outward Bound Circle of Life, Cheryl hands out Outward Bound pins (oooh pins! That makes it all worth it, then), and tells the roommates each to take one, and give to another member of their group. Oh, barf me out. Irene gives hers to Beth, for making it down the cliff. Dude, she was the one in the stretcher, all she had to do was lay there. Beth gives her pin to Aaron, for getting her down the cliff safely and for helping everyone so nicely. Jon gives his to Glen for soldiering through, despite being really sick. Glen gives his to Jon, for his good attitude. Tami gives hers to Dom, because he keeps everyone sane with his sarcastic one-liners. Dom gives his to Irene, because he had fun with her. And Aaron gives his to Tami, because he thinks she did a good job, and he's proud of her, and because she's the only one left.

Everyone piles in the Winnie, and races home, bickering good-naturedly. Wonder if that'll last? The good-natured part. We know the bickering is here to stay.

Next week: Tami's pregnant!

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