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Outward Bored

But Aaron and Irene manage to get Beth to the ground, and everyone is very relieved. Why isn't this episode over yet? I want to take all my Outward Bound anger and bottle it back up and hide it deep down inside me again, and let it fester for a few more years. All this catharsis is tiring. Oh, goody! More commercials! It is a sad state of affairs when you enjoy the commercials more than the show itself.

So, somehow, everyone else gets down the cliff, and they move over to the rock climbing portion of today's torture -- er, "trust-building exercises." Cheryl reassures everyone that they'll be fine, because they're all roped in, and there is only the smallest, tiniest chance of them breaking something, or smashing their head against the rocks. Dom attacks the rocks first, and does fine. You can tell he's dying for a pint. As am I, frankly. The roommates go one after the other; complete with much cheering and support from their mates on the ground, which is, I suppose, nice.

In her interview, Tami said she did everything possible to get out of climbing the rocks. Back at the rocks, Tami wonders -- idly, one thinks -- if pregnant women can rock climb. Dom says they can. Tami says they can't. Beth asks Tami just how pregnant she is. Tami thanks her for telling the world her secrets. So...Tami is pregnant. Okay, that's, like big news right? Because, oddly, no one seems to have any reaction to this bomb. No one is like, dude, Tami, you're pregnant?! Maybe they're in shock.

Aaron climbs the hell out of the rocks.

Then it's Tami's turn, and she's very bad at the rock climbing. I crack up when she mutters "I am in hell" to herself, because that's exactly how I would have felt. Tami says, in her interview, that her showing in the rock-climbing extravaganza disappointed her, and she took it out on Aaron, because he did so well, and she's competitive like that. And so she does, yelling at him that he thinks he's the best at everything and that he never communicates with anyone. She stomps off. Aaron just smiles and shakes his head. He knows Tami is crazy, and doesn't take it personally.

Irene voice-overs that Outward Bound brought the roommates closer together; "These Are Days," a song which will forever remind me of my senior year in high school, tootles predictably in the background as everyone trudges back to the Winnie, and sweet, sweet civilization. Ah, civilization; land of showers, and flush toilets, and television, and Cheetos and Slurpees and Diet Coke and email and karaoke, and Scott Speedman! Glorious civilization! I love you, Civilization.

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