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Outward Bored

More hiking. Hiking. Hiking. Jon voice-overs that Steve made the analogy that this experience was like a war and that if they were in a war, they wouldn't just give up. Steve: YOU ARE HIKING. That's so not like a war, I don't even know what to say. Jon chuckles that none of the roommates really wanted to think of their experience like that. Seriously. I'm sure all the housemates thought this would be a fun camping trip. But there's a reason Outward Bound picked locales like Joshua Tree (hot, shadeless, vaguely monotonous) and not, you know, Yosemite, where it's all awe-inspiring and whatnot. And it's because they're evil.

God, this is only the first commercial break. Dude. You know what? It's okay. I'm working through a lot of anger, here. I'm not even mad at Justin Collins for bogarting all the milk anymore. He didn't know that was the only gallon. He was a growing boy.

So, finally, the group reaches camp -- which, by the way, looks exactly like half of the places they hiked past, hours ago. They eat the worst food ever: rice, and water, and dehydrated crap. And beans. Cold refried beans. Beth said that Steve was all excited about the food, and she thinks he's crazy, because the food was crap. For once, I agree with Beth. Dom says that dinner was how he always imagined prison food. Dom is my new boyfriend. Okay, hot Olympic swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg is my new boyfriend, but Dom can totally hang out with us.

Everyone turns in for the night; the girls in one tent, Glen and Jon in another, and Dom and Aaron outside. Dom voice-overs that, at 3 AM, Aaron woke him up to tell him that it was raining, and speculates that he probably would have slept through the entire thing, if Aaron hadn't poked him. Aaron and Dom first try to get into the girls' tent, but, protecting their virtue, they'll have none of it, and Dom and Aaron are forced to bunk with Jon and Glen. Glen sneezes. Everyone looks perfectly miserable.

The next morning, everyone gets up at the crack of dawn. Again. Jon explains that he's used to all this nature stuff, so he had a good chuckle at the expense of "the city folk." Ah, sweet Jon. Is there an unpleasant or rude bone in his body? I think not. A fashion-impaired bone, yes. A naïve bone, oh yes. But unpleasant? Nope.

Hiking. More hiking. Stupid hiking. Steve takes the RW-ers to the top of a very tall rock formation, where he puts them through one of the stupidest, most dangerous trust-building exercises ever. He hooks up Irene and Aaron to a bunch of rappelling equipment, but isn't content to just have everyone hop down the cliff (which would be fun). Instead, he bundles Beth into a stretcher, attaches that to a bunch of rope, and has Aaron and Irene ease her, prone and helpless, down the cliff. See, it's exercises like this that get people killed. Steve even tells the group that it's dangerous, and it clearly is; I don't think anyone could actually die in this instance, but they could easy, very very easily, break something. They're risking their lives and limbs for, essentially, something that could be accomplished by having Beth fall backwards into her roommates' arms in their living room.

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