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Outward Bored

Beth asks the bathroom question, wondering, naturally, how she will keep herself fresh and lovely over the weekend. Cheryl matter-of-factly explains that there are no bathrooms in the desert, and, moreover, they have to "pack out" their used toilet paper. Squealing at the idea of carrying soiled toilet paper in baggies on their backs commences. Um, yeah. I have a hard time getting behind that myself. ["Word. I've camped and all, but at campgrounds with outhouses and, in some cases, flush toilets and showers. I feel that we, as a species, have progressed beyond the point where I should ever need to carry around remnants of my own feces. But that's me." -- Wing Chun]

Dom, in his interview, says that Cheryl is nice and attractive and that he likes her attitude. She's just lulling you into a false sense of security, dude. Back in the house, he asks if he can smoke on the trip. No smoking. No fires. No horses. No spelunking. No, No, No. See, Outward Bound is like the army. No swimming. No stopping. No toasted marshmallows.

Cheryl wonders what she can expect from them. Bickering, bitching, complaining. And that's in their own words, people. Well, they say knowing is half the battle.

B/M pulls the Winnie out of the garage, and the roommates pile into it to drive to Joshua Tree. In the back of the car, Aaron sticks his hair on end in a high-larious (not) imitation of Dom. As the Winnie pulls into an AM/PM for snack, Irene voice-overs that, on the trip, maybe she'll learn to hate someone, and maybe she'll learn to like someone more. I know one of those scenarios will ring true for me and I betcha it's the former.

The roommates, for some reason, have left Los Angeles for Joshua Tree in, like, the middle of the night, so they stop at a hotel halfway there. This makes no sense for so many reasons: first, it so should not take two days to get to Joshua Tree; second, why aren't they sleeping in the Winnebago? Isn't that what RVs are freaking FOR? Dude.

Jon and Glen are in their hotel room, and Jon calls the concierge for a wake-up call. ['Who the hell is Jon? Oh yeah, that country singer guy. Has he been on camera in any of the last four episodes?" -- Wing Chun] At 4:30 in the morning. What the hell? This entire trip was engineered for maximum pain, because if they left Venice at 7 AM, the roommates could have gotten to Joshua Tree before noon. Whatever. Whatever. I have given up trying to figure out anything about anything here. The Real World is like reality gone retarded.

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