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Out To Sea

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Out To Sea

It's one week before the roommates move out of the house. In a confessional, Brad explains that he already feels like he's going to lose something when he leaves, and that he'll miss everyone. Cameran says she's learned a lot, and Brad pockets a payoff from the producers for spouting off some crap about how Cameran came into the house all wide-eyed and innocent, and that she's since learned a lot about the big city. In a confessional, Jacquese says that they've all learned a lot about life and dealing with situations. Brad encourages Cameran to go around the room and say what each person has taught her. Cameran says Jamie taught her that you can stand up for yourself "in a classy way," and we flash back to Jamie confronting Charlie about lying. Cameran doesn't know what Brad has taught her, and Robin suggests that it was not to kiss too much, or you get chin rash, as we flash back to Brad and Cameran's makeout sessions. Cameran says that Robin has taught her, "If all else fails, hit." Robin acts all indignant.

Robin goes out to lunch with Jamie and Brad and talks about how weird she feels when she's in court. Jamie thinks it's natural, because Robin is not a criminal, and suddenly she's hanging out with people who are. Robin interviews that she's about to have her first court appearance, because the Marine accused her of scratching the back of his neck. Brad thinks that Robin doesn't deserve this shit. Brad interviews that Robin has chilled out a lot since the incident.

Robin meets up with her attorney as Brad and Jamie head home. Robin interviews that she doesn't feel that her actions merit a charge of battery. Robin's attorney looks like Nick from The Apprentice in fifteen years. Robin's court outfit consists of black flared pants, incredibly high-heeled black boots, and a shiny blue polyester-looking button down shirt. It's really horrible and trashy-looking. It doesn't help that the shirt barely buttons over her foobs. They head into the courthouse, and Robin's lawyer asks for a continuance. Robin interviews that it's hard to be in a courtroom, but that she wants to be there "to prove that [she] didn't use battery on somebody." Hee! Like she beat the guy with a couple of nine volts. Outside, the lawyer explains that he'll be reviewing the tape with the city attorney to figure out if the case can be settled or needs to go to trial. Robin interviews that either the case will be dropped, or be brought down to a lesser charge. I wonder where that tape came from? I wonder if BMP would have given it up so readily if Robin were guilty?

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