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Ordering Up Cheerleaders

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Ordering Up Cheerleaders
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As blues music plays, we see the roommates going out on the town to a club called the Dizzy Rooster. They drink, they dance, they do shots, they make fools of themselves. While everyone else is out, Danny takes a shower and voice-overs that it sucks that he can't go out with everyone, but that he'll be able to in a couple of weeks. Rachel interviews that Melinda goes out, but the whole time, she talks about how she wants to be home with Danny. So don't go, you know, EVERY NIGHT. I can see why Melinda would want to go out once in a while, but does she need to every night?

Melinda walks home from the club alone. She interviews that she wants to stay home with Danny all the time, and that he's always in the back of her head. Melinda arrives home. Danny, in the shower, voice-overs that he misses going out, and that he just wants to party and have a good time. Melinda finds Danny in the shower and totally starts making out with him, which seems like an invasion of privacy. Danny doesn't seem to mind, though, as he invites her in. Melinda gets in and takes off her clothes, which seems to reverse the usual order of things, but whatever. Danny interviews (with a suddenly completely healed eye) that Melinda is beautiful, but that she also has a great personality, so he's having a hard time not getting attached to her. In the shower, Melinda and Danny start making out.

Just when it's starting to feel like pornography, the other roommates arrive home. Lacey walks into the bathroom and realizes that Melinda and Danny are in the shower together. Lacey asks Melinda how she got home so fast, and then interviews that she really doesn't need to see people in the shower anymore. Wes invites himself into the shower, and Nehemiah totally starts to follow him. I think Wes would like nothing more than to be part of a Danny/Melinda sandwich. Wouldn't most fratty dudes like Wes act like they don't want anything to do with a naked male friend? Danny interviews that his roommates not only ruined the mood, they also jumped in the shower with him and Melinda. You know, if you're so concerned about "the mood," maybe you should find a place with a little more privacy than the communal shower.

Danny lies in bed with his ice pack clutched to his eyeball again. Melinda lies there with him and says that she only thinks about him while she's out. Danny talks but doesn't make much sense, and Melinda says that when Danny is able to go out again, she doesn't want him to feel held back. Danny interviews that he really likes Melinda, but that he also doesn't want to feel like he's missing out. Melinda tells him that she doesn't want him to go out, see a hot girl, make out with her, and then leave Melinda to deal with the fallout at home. So is Melinda saying that Danny should or should not feel free to hook up with other girls? Because it seems like she's arguing both sides here. Danny thinks they shouldn't worry about this until it becomes an issue. Yes, best to make relationship-threatening decisions when you're drunk and horny, instead of in the cold, rational light of day. I think that ice pack froze his brain. Melinda says she knows it's going to come up, and Danny excuses himself to get more ice, which is the Broken Eyeball version of "There's someone over there I need to talk to." Melinda interviews that she doesn't know if Danny wants a relationship, or if he'd rather be like Nehemiah and Wes and get groupies. Well, from what we saw last week, Nehemiah and Wes don't really "get" groupies.

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