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On the Radio

The song "The Way" by Fastball ends, and a promo comes on for 107.7 The End (a.k.a. the radio station foolish enough to employ the participants of The Real World). We see various DJs doing their thing in the booth while Irene, Lindsay, and Rebecca look on. Suddenly, the roommates are at a meeting with Phil (the program director), who asks them who wants to be on-air talent. They all raise their hands (except David and Janet). In an interview, Nathan says that all seven of them want to be on the air. But David didn't raise his hand! Or Janet! What are they, too cool for hand-raising? Phil reveals that there will be "three on-air personalities," a producer, and some field reporters. Well, Rebecca is immediately eliminated from the running to be on-air, since she lacks personality. In an interview, Rebecca tells us what Phil just told us, adding that it could be "a catalyst for a lot of silly anger and resentment." On The Real World? No way! Phil concludes that they need to turn them into "market thirteen personalities" in the next few weeks, and he knows they can do it. Stephen says that it's "time for some big stuff" and he's "excited to learn about radio." So what has he been doing so far? With the taping in Nepal and the skiing and such?

Some guy who doesn't merit the Squiggly Hip Font of Character Introduction (tm Djb) shows the kiddies how the whole studio works. Stephen actually takes notes. Phil and engineer guy say that they will hate how their voices sound on tape. Like, are there people alive who haven't heard their voices on tape by the time they're about six? Between answering machines and camcorders, I think we've got that covered. Oh, wait. I forgot about Nathan the hick. He cuts a promo, and engineer guy plays it back for him. Nathan jumps around and then says, "My voice sounds horrible!" (which it does, so bully to Nathan for at least recognizing that.) In an interview, Nathan says he "sounded like a raspy, hoarse, country redneck." If the voice fits, Nate-dawg. Rebecca is up next, and tells Janet (who is watching through a window) to "stop making fun." Irene gets serious feedback from the microphone, and then says "Oar-a-GAHN" instead of "OAR-a-gun," and then laughs nervously. She does have the best radio voice we've seen so far, though. Somehow her nasally whine works on radio. Next up is David, and everyone gets to be in the studio for his take. David is going for the "Chris In the Morning" casual vibe, like "I'm on the radio, but really, I'm just talking to you, the listener," and it's pretty annoying. In an interview, Nathan says that as the weeks pass, there will be some "serious competition." Yeah, serious competition to see who SUCKS the most.

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