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At the meeting, Nicole apologizes to everyone for all of the anger that she has expressed, and says that they were her own issues, and that it's not fair to make the others feel uncomfortable. I think that's what she said. It was hard to tell with the stuttering and the crying. Malik gets up and sits closer to Nicole, who continues to talk about how hard it is for her to open up. Nicole admits that she has her own feelings, and that she may not have accepted the feelings of others. Nicole wants to put the past behind them, and work on being a better roommate. Everyone gets up and hugs her. Everyone smiles. In an interview, Rachel says, "The magnitude of what Nicole is doing is huge. That's going to change the entire house." Nicole thinks that it's powerful to know that she could change things, and it gives her encouragement. Will it make this season more interesting? I'll pay someone cold hard cash if it will make this season more interesting.

Next week: Nicole's friend Bobby comes to visit. Quarrel gives Mike a hug for no reason. Nicole might throw up. People! I said I would give cold, hard cash, and this is what I get in return?

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