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The judges have reached a verdict. First, they have to congratulate everyone, and then they pretend like it came down to one guy's vote. Of course, it's obnoxious-scenario guy, who votes for Outkast. Nicole keeps telling Lori and Quarrel that she's "reeeeeeally glad they won." In an interview, Mike wonders how she could say that. In an interview, Malik says, "Nicole gets on my last nerves, like, seriously." Nicole sings a little song to Quarrel about how glad she is that the other team won. In an interview, Mike says that it's not cool for Nicole to say that, because they all worked really hard.

At home, Lori examines Mike's stupid wrestling belt, then steals it from him and runs off. He chases her around and puts "the Miz claw" on her to get it back. In an interview, Quarrel says that Mike is hilarious, and if you can't beat him, you might as well join him. No, thanks. I'd rather beat him. Senseless. Well, that wouldn't take long, anyway. Quarrel announces that she is "Coco Loco." Lori announces that she is the "Teriyaki Terror." The girls pretend to fight Mike. Quarrel hops up on the pool table and her boobs are forming a tag team and fighting for the belt. Jesus. They scared me. The three of them wrestle around the apartment, and it does look like fun. In an interview, Quarrel asks how you could not laugh at the Miz. It's really easy. I managed not to laugh at all.

Nicole sits up on the roof as that subtle "I don't like anyone" song plays again. Lori and Quarrel join her on the roof. Nicole voice-overs that "the negative voices are really loud, so it's hard to hear the positive things." If she's hearing all these voices, I think she might want to seek professional help. Nicole says that she's been on an emotional roller coaster. Nicole's dark lipliner/light lipstick effect is particularly bad here. It looks like she just ate a Fudgsicle. Or worse. In an interview, Nicole says that she's been getting in fights with everyone, and she realizes that it has to stop. Nicole babbles about negative energy and positive energy and baggage, and how she doesn't want to take it back to Atlanta.

Nicole tapes a sign to the fish tank saying that she wants to have a house meeting. In an interview, Malik says that he thought it would be about the house being messy or the volume at nighttime. In an interview, Mike worries that it's going to be about "some petty crap that she needs to argue about." Mike wakes Kevin up from a nap to attend the meeting. In an interview, Kevin says that he told the other guys that maybe Nicole was going to say that she wanted to leave the house early. And thus, a thousand misleading promos were born.

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