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On Display

Gretchen and Rachel -- another BMG employee -- stand outside and check out the window. Malik informs them that Nicole doesn't want the Dido poster in the window, but Rachel and Gretchen both think that it should be in there. And let me tell you -- besides displaying the product, when you have a singer as pretty as Dido is, you don't hide the posters with her face on them. Rachel goes in to break the news to Nicole, who says, "It looks tacky, and I don't care what they say." Yeah, but the fucking baby doll that you've put angel wings and devil horns on, then strung up from the ceiling, is classy as hell. Nicole says that it looks tacky, and she hopes that her team loses. In an interview, Mike wonders how someone could say that they hope to lose. Nicole keeps playing with the monitor inside the display and pouting.

Murray: So, it's okay for me to be here and everything? What did I miss?
Bunim: Oh, is there an episode on tonight? I didn't notice.
Murray: You didn't...sir! Are you playing hard to get? You missed me, didn't you? I know you did.
Bunim: No. Maybe. Okay, a little. Come sit over here by mommy and let me brush your hair.
Murray: [giggles]

Devin (t-shirt!) and Adam (powder blue turtleneck) bring the Arista judges to check out the display windows. First, they look at the Outkast window, made by Kevin, Lori, and Quarrel. They ask questions about the window, which doesn't make any sense to me, because it's not like customers can ask questions if they don't understand the display. Okay, now that I can see the whole window, it's not so bad. They show the discarded, dirty clothes, and then you can see a dude lying in a bathtub, and he's watching the video for the song. It's not groundbreaking or anything, but it's okay. The team agrees that they worked well together, and all chipped in. Do you get it? Unlike the other team? The judges think it will be a tough decision.

Over at the other display, Rachel gets word that the judges are coming, and Rachel and Nicole yell at Mike to hurry up because the judges are on their way. Mike is still putting up flats or something. The judges arrive. One really obnoxious judge puts on a little scenario where he pretends that he's walking down the street and wonders if the display would get his attention. Another judge says again that it's going to be a tough decision. God, I'm glad that I don't work with people in the music business anymore. Not the musicians. They were usually pretty cool. The schmoozy, fake marketing and merchandising people.

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