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On Display

As the roommates walk down the street, they continue to argue. Nicole asks what kind of idiot Mike is, when we all know that he's the Greenwich Village Idiot. Mike doesn't back down, and they yell at each other right on the street. The other group (Lori, Quarrel, and Kevin) is standing nearby watching and giggling, but also embarrassed. Nicole starts waving her finger around, and Mike tells her that it's disrespectful. Mike says "fucking" at some point, and Nicole gets all up in arms that Mike was swearing at her. She argues just to argue. Like when she used up all her arguments about the van, she moved on to arguing about the group. When she used up all of those, she moved on to arguing about swearing. She can't even stick to the topic. Kevin asks Quarrel if they can get a picture of the fight to show Devin, and Quarrel cracks up. The argument continues as the camera pans out to show the entire island of Manhattan, as if their arguments were so loud that the whole borough heard them. I think even the cameramen got bored, so they had to fade out. At the end, Mike and Nicole were arguing about whether using hand motions was disrespectful, I think. Back at the office, Mike tells Devin (black V-neck) that he and Nicole had a little argument. Devin says that he heard, and all of 19th Street heard.

Quarrel, Lori, and Kevin work on their display window as an Outkast song plays. In an interview, Quarrel says that she's living each day like it's the first day of school. So she wears a new outfit? Makes sure she has sufficient pencils? I don't understand what that means. The three work together well. In an interview, Kevin says that Quarrel is "limiting her attitude, which is nice." Lori stands on the street and directs Quarrel and Kevin where to place various items. In an interview, Lori says that they are working together and everything is going smoothly. It seems that since the song is called "So Fresh and So Clean," they have set up what looks like a shower stall, and then a television playing the video. Or something. I don't know.

The other team is, not surprisingly, having some problems. Mike and Rachel want a poster of Dido in the display, and Nicole doesn't want it there. Yeah, because you would hate to display, you know, the fucking product you're trying to sell. Nicole and Mike get into an argument over it. Nicole says that Mike's not a team player, and in an interview, Malik says that "couldn't be farther from the truth." Malik pipes in that Mike is a team player, and Nicole turns on him and spouts off a bunch of stuff about how it's none of Malik's business. Mike yells, "He's on the team!" Heh. Nicole ends her statements, "Point blank. Period." I guess that's supposed to mean that the argument is over, but instead it makes it look like she's completely unwilling to listen to anything anyone else has to say. Which is the case, so I guess it's effective in that sense. Malik asks whether he may finish his sentence, but Nicole says she won't listen and keeps talking. Malik just looks pissed. In an interview, Rachel says that Nicole has to have the final say. Rachel's a big talker in the interviews, but I don't see her piping up when it counts.

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