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On Display

Once they get home, Mike runs up to his bedroom and unwraps the belt. He tosses it over the headboard of his bed. I don't even want to think about why he needs a fake wrestling belt and a bandanna near his bed. Not going to think about it. Nope. Mike voice-overs that he's been wrestling his whole life, and watching it on television. We see Mike at the gym, lifting weights, as he voice-overs that he has been adjusting to people his whole life, and it's time for people to start adjusting to him. Then, there's a black-and-white shot of Mike, shirtless. And he really doesn't have a very good body. I'm one to talk, but then again, I don't go on national television half-nude either. Actually, Mike has been fully nude. He's just -- lumpy or something. Yuck.

In an interview, Kevin tells us that they only have a week to build the window display, so it will be tight. A week? And it'll be tight? Whatever. Even an elaborate window display wouldn't take more than a day. Maybe two if you had to shop for supplies and such. Pfft. Malik and Mike load some supplies into a van, and notice that not everything will fit, so they need to make two trips. Malik asks Gretchen to tell the others that they will be back for the rest, and Gretchen agrees. I get the feeling that Gretchen is really embarrassed to be associated with this show. Gretchen actually looks pretty cool.

Nicole and Rachel walk out the door, carrying supplies. Of course, they are all pissed that the boys left without them, never thinking for a moment that there might be a reasonable explanation. Instead, they just jump to the conclusion that the boys purposely dissed them or something. Gretchen tells Nicole that she went upstairs to try to tell them that the boys had left, but she missed them. Yeah, sure she did. Except for the part where the production assistant pulled her aside and slipped her a fifty to "miss" the girls and not deliver the message. Gretchen assures Nicole that the boys are coming back, but Nicole says that's not the point, and that the boys should have told her before they left. Oh, whatever. That's another rule that Nicole must have found in The Big Book of Grudges, under "Van Usage by Team Members, Notification Thereof."

Mike returns, and Nicole yells at him for not informing her of his every move. Mike tries to defend himself, but Nicole talks all over him and won't let him get a word in edgewise. Mike tries to appeal to Nicole to use common sense, and realize that of course they weren't just going to strand the girls. Nicole is totally not listening, and telling him that it's a group, and that they have to know where the others are and blah blah blah. In an interview, Mike asks whether he's ten years old again (and does he really want me to answer that, based on his Miz behavior?) and points out that Nicole argues about the stupidest things. Mike and Nicole finally stop arguing and actually decide to go do some work. In a confessional, Nicole says something to the effect that she doesn't play that stuff. You know, the makeup should have been a dead giveaway that she's Homey the Clown.

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