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On Display

At the office, Devin (gray V-neck -- I think he and Adam must have broken up) introduces the roommates to Gretchen and Leonard, who do music promotion full-time and have come in to help the roommates with their displays. In an interview, Rachel explains that Gretchen's job is making display windows (i.e. she's a merchandiser) and she's going to "guide [them] along and help [them] make decisions." In an interview, Quarrel says that they need help with the "technical things." I've made many a display window in my time. It's not that difficult. Quarrel talks to Leonard, and tells him that their theme is going to be "so fresh and so clean." Kevin explains about Outkast's album and single, and it's all one big Arista commercial, so I'm going to skip it. Leonard likes their idea.

In an interview, Rachel explains that since Dido's album is called No Angel, they want to create a heaven theme and a hell theme, and "merge them together to show 'no angel.'" Wow, that's a great idea. If you're in the third grade and making the bulletin board in the hallway outside the music room. Nicole shows a little sketch of their idea to Gretchen. Mike voice-overs that Nicole is bossy and hard to work with. Nicole asks Gretchen whether they should use foam core or hanging fabric for their background. Mike answers, "Fabric," and Nicole says that she was asking Gretchen and he's not Gretchen. Mike protests, and Nicole says that she wanted Gretchen's professional opinion. I don't see the big deal here. Gretchen does this for a living. Is it so wrong to want to know how she would do it? Use your resources. Gretchen answers that they should use fabric, and Mike rolls his eyes. In a confessional, Rachel says, "Does she have to be the biggest boss in the entire world? Ugh. Shoot me now." Rachel, I know exactly how you feel. The scene ends with a scary shot of Nicole, wearing a black head-wrap and just looking evil.

Jonathan Murray: Sir? I'm back.
Mary-Ellis Bunim: Jesus, it's about time. Get me another martini.
Murray: No, I'm back. Remember? You kicked me out last week? And now I'm back.
Bunim: You've been gone for a week?

Rachel, Mike, and Malik go to a costume shop to pick up some props for their display. They find angel and devil accessories with the help of a scary salesman in a cowboy hat and headset. He's like Garth Brooks Lite. If such a thing could possibly exist. Mike spots a fake wrestling title belt and gets all fired up. Malik rolls his eyes like a tired parent and promises little Mikey that they will buy him a belt if he eats all his vegetables at dinner. Mike holds the belt aloft as if he just won the championship, and huffs and puffs.

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