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On Again, Off Again

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On Again, Off Again

Previously on The Real World: Alton blah, Irulan blah blah. Trishelle and Steven did it again. Trishelle thought they were true love always but Steven thought he was just starved for physical affection and Trishelle was just the closest warm body.

Steven and Frank go out for sushi and discuss Steven and Trishelle's relationship. Haven't we already seen this scene? Steven wonders, "Where did the just-hooking-up thing go wrong? It went horribly wrong." Meanwhile, Irulan tells Trishelle that she talked to Steven. Trishelle asks if it was bad or good, and Irulan says she's not sure. Frank tells Steven that Trishelle looks at him with adoration. In an interview, Steven says he's never even been on a date with Trishelle, and that they just have sex, which is all he wants from her. Irulan tells Trishelle that she talked to Steven about Trishelle and also about Alton. Trishelle asks whether Steven said he was confused. Irulan brings up the "unfinished business" quote again, like she thinks that's the most profound thought she's ever had (and it probably is) so she's just going to keep saying it until someone goes, "Wow, Irulan, you totally called it."

Frank asks exactly what happened. Steven admits that he told Trishelle he loves her again. In an interview, Steven says he doesn't love Trishelle or want to date her, but he also doesn't want to hurt her or play with her emotions. In an interview, Frank says that Trishelle thinks a relationship with Steven exists where it doesn't, and that Steven is giving her false hope. Irulan says that Steven doesn't think he has any feelings for Trishelle. Steven laughs and laughs when Frank calls him a bad person. Steven agrees with that. Frank says that Trishelle doesn't deserve to be hurt, so Steven needs to be straight with her. Irulan got the impression that Steven didn't know what would happen in the future. Steven says he's trying to figure out how to get out of this without Trishelle's hating him. Frank says it'll take a lot of lying. Does Steven not get that regardless of what he tells Trishelle now, she's going to see these episodes and hate him anyway? What an a-hole.

At a club, Steven tells Trishelle that he likes sleeping with her but he doesn't know if they have a future together. He's still not being exactly honest, is he? Also, is that the best place for this conversation, since they have to yell to be heard over the music? In an interview, Steven says it's hard to look at Trishelle and say how he feels, because he knows it'll make her feel bad. Yes, it's called being a fucking grown-up, and for someone who loves to tell other people about how evolved he is, Steven sure is acting like a child. Steven hugs Trishelle and asks why she's mad. Trishelle says she's confused about them. In an interview, Steven says he hopes Trishelle starts dating someone else and cuts him off, so that he will be compelled to date others as well. Because God forbid he take action on his own. In an interview, Trishelle says that Steven is just as confused as she is, so she's not taking anything he says seriously. Steven hugs Trishelle some more and she says she'll live.

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