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Not-So-Secret Cutting

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Not-So-Secret Cutting

Before the show begins, Dr. Drew Pinsky comes on the screen and warns us that the episodes deals with "self-injury or cutting," which is a sign of emotional stress, and it may be disturbing to some viewers. I'll tell you, this shit wasn't half as disturbing as most of the drunken antics we've seen each week. Also, did you know Dr. Drew is an "addictionologist"? Doesn't that seem like a made-up word? I'm going to start calling myself a recapologist. Except that looks like I'm an apologist, and I don't apologize for much. How about recap-ologist? Since I'm making the word up, I guess I can make up the spelling as well, right?

Previously on The Real World: Frankie was attracted to this dude named Adam, and made out with him, even though she was allegedly still going out with her boyfriend Dave. Although from what I remember, they kind of broke up before she made out with Adam, but then everyone seemed to forget about that, including Frankie and Dave, so I guess I misinterpreted it. And also, I thought Frankie didn't remember what happened with Adam? It's getting very difficult to keep Frankie's stories straight, and I don't blame the editing, for once.

At work on the yacht, Frankie and Jamie have a little talk about whether Frankie should tell Dave about Adam. Frankie says that she is torn, because telling Dave that she is "hanging out with people" will cause a fight "for no reason." Okay, but "making out" and "hanging out" are two different things, and I think there would be a reason for the fight. Why can't Frankie just admit that she doesn't want to tell Dave because she knows she was wrong? And if she's that insecure about the destined star-crossed romance, that she doesn't think it can survive an incident like this, she should just (say it with me) break up with him. Jamie interviews that she thinks Frankie should tell Dave what happened when he comes to visit. Dave's coming to visit? My God, I can't wait. By which I mean, I totally can wait, and I'm willing to wait until, oh, the thirty-fifth of Mayuary. Or never. Frankie says that she wishes there were some other solution, but she knows that she needs to tell Dave, conveniently leaving out that she has to tell him because he'll see the footage eventually. Frankie interviews that she won't lie to Dave (she won't?), and that she can tell him anything (she can?).

Frankie calls Dave and tells him that she's made some mistakes. The first being her hair color, the second being her clothing choices, the third being her choice in boyfriends, and the fourth being going on this show in the first place. Actually, she doesn't mention any of those; she was referring to the Adam situation. Frankie admits that she got drunk and kissed somebody. Dave asks who, like that matters. Frankie tells him, and then interviews that Dave doesn't know Adam, but that he knows that she's been hanging out with one guy in particular. Dave says that he has a problem with this, and Frankie insists that it was just a drunken mistake. Dave says he can't trust that she won't do it again, and that it's a sign that she needs her freedom. I never thought I'd say this: Word, Dave. Frankie yells that she needs Dave, not her freedom. Dave says it might be a good idea if he didn't come out for a visit, since that's the only currency he has if she won't let him break up with her. Frankie cries and apologizes.

Frankie continues crying in her bedroom. Randy walks in and asks if she's okay, and offers her a big hug. He tells her that it's going to be okay. Frankie thanks him. Keep that in mind later, when Frankie continues to insist that no one in the house understands or supports her. What she means is that no one in the house enables her behavior like Dave does.

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