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Previously on The Real World: Christina danced on a bar, much to her male roommates' delight. Leah wanted Ace. I thought we were done with that storyline? Ace thought he might be falling in love with Mallory, despite her apparent goiter problem. Christina and Chris "bonded" in the hot tub.

Eiffel Tower Shot Treize. Leah knocks on the shower door and asks Chris if he would mind not taking a long shower. Hey, they have a towel warmer! They have no right to complain about anything. I would kill for one of those. Although having an electrical appliance right next to my shower would make me nervous. Leah bitches that she would really love to have some hot water. Chris says he never takes long showers, and Leah seems to disagree. In a confessional, Chris says that Leah always wants things done her way, and if you don't do what she wants, she just walks away and refuses to talk to you. ["Hey, that's just like a girl named Leah that I know." -- Wing Chun] Meanwhile, Leah walks out of the bathroom, although I'm not sure if she was expected to stick around and argue with Chris over the shower or what. Leah interviews that Chris is "kind of a jerk" and loves to antagonize people. Chris announces that Leah is too late, because the hot water just ran out. If this were an ongoing problem, you'd think Leah would just take the earlier shower or something -- I mean, if Chris won't be a good roommate and shorten his shower length.

Leah goes back to bed and complains to Mallory and Simon that she hasn't had a hot shower since she's been there. Oh, come on. I refuse to believe that there was never a time when the hot water tank was full. Leah relays her conversation with Chris and adds that she doesn't want to hear his sarcasm first thing in the morning. Simon says that he pictures Chris as a pig. Simon interviews that Chris isn't very tactful and that they don't have anything in common. Leah says that they all know. They all know what? That he's a pig? Meanwhile, Chris is out of the shower and patting his belly while checking himself out in the mirror. Hee!

It's suddenly night. Mallory apologizes to Leah for the way she acted the night she lost Leah's purse. Leah forgives her. I thought she never forgave anyone? Kind of like how she always wears her pink ribbon for breast cancer that we haven't seen since that episode. Mallory says that she was "disrespectful" and "a disgusting person." Because she got drunk and flipped off the cameras? Maybe bratty, but not really disgusting. Mallory vows never to drink that much again in her life. Yeah, that'll last. What college freshman has not made that vow at some point, only to end up wasted again about two nights later? Mallory interviews that she gets ridiculous when she drinks, and regrets the things that she does. Mallory claims she doesn't remember kissing Ace. Ace interviews that Mallory's lying, and giggles. Mallory interviews that she's glad Ace considers their night together to be the best time he's had so far in France, because she does too. Ace says that he and Mallory shouldn't hang out together, because they get into trouble. Mallory says it's fine. Ace suggests that they hang out again the next Friday night. Simon says that he's not going to let Ace play with Mallory again, and Adam adds that Ace has lost his Mallory privileges. Leah interviews that she's realizing that Mallory has "this huge crush on Ace" and won't tell her. Leah still doesn't seem that upset about it.

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