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Tonight on The Real World: it always cracks me up when they don't even bother to pretend that the episode has anything to do with previous episodes. Like that's not true every week. Anyway, apparently tonight Lori goes to sing a final concert with her college a cappella group, and all of the roommates will attend, so Lori is nervous about it. There! I'm done with the recap. Right? Right? Damn.

In an interview, Lori says that her friendship with Kevin is better than it's been in the past, because he doesn't make her sad anymore. Lori sits on Kevin's lap on the couch and they discuss how "ridiculous" it was that she wanted him to kiss her, and he wouldn't. Kevin protests that he did finally kiss her, but Lori says that it was "only after like, four talks." In an interview, Kevin says that he and the other guys decided that they didn't want to have a relationship with any of the girls in the house. They wanted their female roommates to be like sisters, and they would find women outside the house for relationships. It would have been nice if Kevin had dropped this nugget of information on Lori earlier this season, because it would have saved us all a lot of annoyance. It also would have been nice if Kevin dropped this nugget on the casting directors, except that he knows that the only reason he got on the show is because he basically promised during the Casting Special that he would hook up with Lori.

Kevin chats up some girl at a club. In an interview, Kevin explains that the girl he was chatting up is named Beth. She's "a very pretty girl" he met while doing karaoke. Quick montage of various people singing karaoke. Kevin and Mike do a song. Beth and some of her friends do a song. Rachel, Mike, and Kevin do a song. We don't get to see which songs they picked, probably because B/M can't afford the licensing. In an interview, Kevin explains that "Beth is a model, and she hangs out with a bunch of models." Outside the club, Kevin and Beth hail a cab. Then they get in the cab. While riding, they discuss the karaoke. Is this episode over yet? No? In an interview, Kevin says that Beth is like the girls he hangs out with at home, and it's perfect. Suddenly, Beth is gone, and Mike is there. Kevin and Mike enter the house. Mike is psyched that they finally met some beautiful women. Mike and Kevin drunkenly agree that those girls were "droppers," as in "panty-droppers." Mike? Shut up. Kevin, you shut up, too.

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