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No More Turtlenecks

Previously on The Real World: Lori said that it is great being a singer and working for a record company. She met up with Nicky, a music editor who works for Arista, and he might use her to do vocals for one of his songs. Adam and Devin were disappointed in the work being done by the roommates at Arista. You could tell they were disappointed because their turtlenecks drooped a little bit.

At Arista, Lori's low-rise jeans nearly reveal her butt crack. Devin and Adam enter with a new guy, Jeff, who is the Senior Director of Rock/Alternative Promotions for Arista. It must be spring, because Devin is wearing a V-neck instead of a turtleneck. Devin informs the roommates that they are going to be trying to convince K-ROCK ("the biggest rock station in the city") to add a song by a band named Adema to their play list. What the hell kind of name is Adema? I just looked up "edema" at Merriam Webster Online and the definition is "an abnormal infiltration and excess accumulation of serous fluid in connective tissue or in a serous cavity -- called also dropsy." I think the band should have named themselves Dropsy. Or Drahpsee, since they're into the alternative spelling thing.

Jeff explains that K-ROCK has special days where the programming directors meet with record company reps. Each rep has about fifteen minutes to convince the programming directors to add their label's songs. ["Is 'convince' just a fancy word for 'bribe,' here?" -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Kevin explains that "this is huge for Arista," and getting the station to play the song could break the band. Jeff plays the song for the group. I think Rachel is wearing the same pajama top I had when I was about five years old. The song ends, and Jeff asks what they liked about it. Mike has multiple suggestions. Nicole says that it's the exact opposite of the kinds of music that she likes. Jeff tells everyone that, regardless of whether they love the song, it's their job to convince the radio station that everyone will love the song, and that it should be played. Point blank, period. Heh. He didn't really say that last part, but he should have. In an interview, Mike says, "This is something that, like, you know, professionals do, and they're letting us do it?" I thought he was going to finish that off by saying, "What are they, insane?" That's what I was thinking. anyway. But of course, he gives his usual, "That's awesome!" speech and I black out until he finishes talking. Jeff nervously says that he thinks they can do it. Jeff seems like a decent guy, even if he is a sleazy music-industry person.

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