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Now we get an extended shot of the tropical fish, because even though they do nothing but swim around in their own shit day after day, they're more interesting than the Cory storyline we're going to set up here. Cory is in the kitchen munching saltines. She's telling Pedro and Sean that she asked Mohammed's girlfriend Stephanie if she was "part white." For some reason, Cory doesn't understand why thta made Stephanie "angry." For god's sack! How tactless can you get? I'm so appalled that Cory thought that was in any way an appropriate question to ask anyone. Cory says, "I guess the question really offended her and I felt bad." Sean advises her to not "kill" herself "with saltine crackers over this." It's very nice of him to reassure her when I'm sure he'd rather just be reading his book. Cory goes to bed saying, "Goodnight 'men,' 'guys,' whatever. I don't want to offend you by calling you 'boys.'"

Just to belabor the point some more, Judd, Rachel and Pedro are sitting around the table discussing Cory. Because Bunim-Murray believes we are stupid, we have this scene to spell out for us that Cory doesn't know what to think half the time, and even if she does have an opinion, she's not strong enough to stand up for what she believes in.

Later, the roommates (sans Puck and Judd) are sitting around the dinner table, and Mohammed very nicely explains to Cory why Stephanie was upset when Cory asked if she was "part white." I'm going to assume that everyone reading this has the five necessary brain cells to rub together, and that I don't need to list Mohammed's reasons. A sniveling Cory reiterates how bad she feels and says, "That wasn't like a compliment and it wasn't like a put-down. It was just like a question." Yes, an extremely rude and tactless question. Mohammed reassures her that nobody is mad at her, and Pam gets up to give Cory a hug. She relates an anecdote that reveals how she used to call Asian people "Oriental" when she was a child, because she didn't know any better, and then she found out that "Oriental" refers to objects, not people. The only important part of that story is that it took place when Pam was a child. How does Cory not know by her age that it's just not okay to go around asking people you've barely met what their ethnic makeup is?

"What it boils down to is that I have to decide what is right for me and hold onto that and stick to that," says the Cory voice-over, as we see footage of her signing up to volunteer in the San Francisco school district. So there we have it. Cory has Purpose and Direction now. I hope they don't put her in with high-schoolers, because they will just eat her alive.

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