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Rachel is at her conference, and there's this huge "Empower America" banner over the stage. Rachel's voice-over lets us know that she wants to meet other conservatives in the area and sucker them into giving her a job. There are several shots of Rachel talking to various, mostly doddering, white men. I have seriously not seen one other woman at this thing yet. Get a clue, girl: "Empower America" is obviously shorthand for "Empower White Males Some More."

Back at the house, Puck asks Rachel how her "thing" went, and she's all excited because the "father of the hydrogen bomb" gave her a ride home. In an interview Puck says, "I don't know who Jack Kemp is, but I think her politics are shitty." Well Puck, I do know who Jack Kemp is, and I still think Rachel's politics are shitty. So, once again I'm forced to agree with one of these nudniks.

Rachel is talking to Mohammed about Jack Kemp's plans to sell low-income houses to the people already living in them. Mohammed points out that the people in low-income housing aren't going to have the necessary money saved up to buy a house, and laughs at the idea. Not in a malicious way, but rather in the you-can't-be-serious way that you would laugh at a plan to solve world hunger by issuing everyone Taco Bell food coupons or something. He, quite rightly, asks Rachel where the people are going to get the money to purchase said housing, and Rachel insists that it's a "viable program," but she isn't able to speak over everyone so she snits off, saying, "I obviously can't argue in this house." Which is true, but only because she's unable to shore up her opinions with actual facts -- probably because she doesn't have a real understanding of the issues, and is just parroting what other Republicans have told her. The Dudd voice-over tells us that Rachel was "beyond mad," and, in fact, "hurt."

Rachel is in her room, bitching to Dudd about Mohammed. She says that he "belittled" her, in contrast to Pedro who, even though he didn't share her beliefs, was "diplomatic." Um. I guess by "diplomatic," Rachel means that Pedro kept his minority mouth shut. Rachel then tries to claim that she doesn't care, but Dudd calls her on it, saying that she wouldn't be this upset if she didn't care. Rachel amends that by saying that she doesn't care if everyone in the house disagrees with her politics, but what "matters to [her] is that [Mohammed] would do it in a way purposely meant, you know, to hurt [her]." Because Rachel is one of those girls who is offended if you have the bad taste to (a) disagree with her and (b) state it so openly. In an interview, Mohammed calls Rachel a "believer," over shots of her at the convention (where Rachel is the only woman and definitely the closest thing to a minority), and hopes that she won't be hurt by her idealism. Then we're back to Rachel saying, "There's some people you can, you know, discuss politics and social issues with civilly, and there's some people who can't handle it, and now I know that Mohammed can't handle it." Because, if you recall, Mohammed is the one who ran from the room practically crying when someone didn't agree with his political views.

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