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No. More. Poetry.

At the club, Mohammed reads a poem that is actually pretty good. I'd repeat it, but again, I can't hear a couple of lines clearly and I have no subtitles.

Outside the club, Puck tells Mohammed that his poem brought a tear to his eye. Back at the house Corey says that she "felt so white," and "so freakin' boring." Agreed. Dudd mentions that it seems like she's coveting "the struggle," but Cory disagrees. Dudd tells her that she isn't "boring or ordinary because [she hasn't] had to overcome something." But he doesn't do her the favor of telling her why she is boring and ordinary. If anyone should know from boring, it would be Dudd.

God, now we have to sit through more Cory soul-searching. Yawn. I have better things to do than watch Cory writing in her journal. Suddenly (or more accurately, "On the first night," but you wouldn't know that except for the clothes) Cory is telling Pam that she wants to find something that's like rilly rilly important to her that she wants to do for the rest of her life. Pam, in her pirate shirt says, "Y'Argh. That process do be taking a long time." Or something. My god, if someone started boring me with their "I just want to find myself" crap the first day I met them, it would be physically impossible for me to be half as nice as Pam. I wish somebody would sit Cory down and tell her that your twenties are all about finding out who you aren't, and your thirties are about dealing with what's left. Or at least that's my understanding of the process. Anyway. Cory asks Pam why she wants to be a doctor and Pam says, "I be getting to know me mateys in a certain way that do be very intimate and meaningful." Yeah? So does a call girl. What a non-answer. Then Pam spies her chance and shrieks, "Land ahoy!" and runs off. Cory's voice-over again reminds us how "incredible" and "talented" all the rest of her roommates are, which segues to Pedro at the "National Task Force on AIDS Prevention." Or at least that's what the paper that the camera helpfully zooms in on says. Pedro is sitting around a table with some other people in the organization. Some guy tells him about another person with AIDS, named Shawn (who Pedro already knows and thinks is cute), who he will be working with. Pedro tells the guy that he has a date with him on Thursday. Pedro informs us that he met Shawn at a march in Washington, and set up a date with him when he got into town. Over footage of their date, Pedro's voice-over says that this is the first time he's been out with someone who understands what he is going through. Shawn asks Pedro if he's going to move out to San Francisco permanently, and Pedro says that he's "keeping [his] options open." Pay attention kids, because if they only replay one line from their entire date, it's bound to be significant later.

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