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No. More. Poetry.

We open with the usual establishing shots of San Francisco. The Cory voice-over tells us that she doesn't really feel comfortable in San Francisco yet, that she doesn't "have anything to hold onto," like a favorite café etc. Well, duh. She moved here like five seconds ago. I suggest that she might consider leaving the house and exploring a bit. Cory then tells us how "talented" her roommates are, and how they all have specific goals. Oh dear god. This entire episode is going to be about Cory, isn't it? I think I'm going to cry.

Oh, I was wrong. Next we see Rachel in the kind of fugly, sexless navy suit that Republican women wear in order to forget that they're part of a political party that is built on systematically shafting their rights. Anyway, she's meeting some muckety-muck at a local Republican group. Later, she's telling Puck and Cory about a conference she will be attending on Thursday. Puck wants to know if it's "Spenders Anonymous." Rachel says that it's for Jack Kemp. Puck says something that I can't catch and since my poor American TV can't translate Canadian subtitles, it will be lost to the mists of time. I'm sure it's no big loss. When was the last time Puck said something worth repeating? In response, Rachel says, "If you don't vote you have no right to complain." Damn. I hate it when I have to agree with Rachel.

Mohammed has invited everyone to the club his father runs, called "The Upper Room." It's a non-alcoholic smoke-free place that features local poets and musicians. Over shots of everyone getting ready, the Cory voice-over tells us that Mohammed is a great guy because he writes his own poetry, and he has a good relationship with his girlfriend. Is that all it takes? Yet, it's sad to note how many other Real Worlders have tried that very thing and failed (Kaia, Jason, oh hell -- pretty much every other Real Worlder past, present and future -- I'm looking in your direction). While getting ready, Cory tells Rachel that she thinks Mohammed's girlfriend Stephanie is "so pretty," and Rachel cattily replies, "She's got makeup on."

I guess Puck wasn't there when everyone else was invited, because Mohammed is inviting him, and Puck, of course, has to spout some lame-ass poetry that I won't repeat because he gets enough air time. But let me just say that there is a "firs dance" vs. "first dance" confusion between him and Cory that goes on entirely too long, and makes me wish that a director would step in and yell, "Cut!" already.

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