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No Fraternization

Suddenly, we're in New York City. What, Bunim-Murray? No fake train or plane or taxi footage to show us exactly how the roommates got there? I'm so disappointed. Anyway, the roommates are watching the arena football team they work for, the Soul, take on the New York Dragons. Landon interviews that he's never been to New York, and he's having a good time. The roommates cheer on the Soul, who are getting crushed. Someone named Jackson scores a touchdown. And...the game ends.

Everyone piles onto a bus. (Finally, an answer to the endless transportation questions that have been plaguing me for the last...thirty seconds!) Landon heads for the back of the bus, and Melanie passes out beers to her roommates. Landon focuses on Gina, the Soul team's accountant. She's sexy and an accountant! She's busting stereotypes all over. Landon laments the no-fraternization policy, which means that he can't make out with Gina the Sexy Accountant. Landon interviews that he thought Gina was cute, so he took things into his own hands. Ew! I hope he doesn't mean that how it sounded.

Landon moves to the middle of the bus to sit next to Gina and drink beer. This is so high school. Landon wonders what fraternization means, exactly. When I was in high school, and on the softball team, we used to have to share a bus with the baseball team to away games, and the baseball coach was constantly yelling out, "No fraternization!" And none of us knew what it meant either. We were allowed to talk to each other. I guess it was just that the boys had to sit on the left side of the bus and the girls had to sit on the right, and never the twain shall meet. Unless the boys wanted to steal some of the subs we bought to eat on the way home, which they often did. And then Robbie Fries and I would usually play a rousing game of "Name that TV Theme Song," and I will never forget the time I thought I had him stumped with Sanford and Son until suddenly he burst out with the opening notes. Good times. So anyway, I guess Landon and Gina are allowed to sit near each other and talk. Landon interviews that the rule has many gray areas, so he's not sure what breaking them would mean.

Everyone gets off the bus and heads for their cars. Gina hides out in the roommates' van. Melanie ruins it by yelling, "Oh, is Gina coming home with us?" Landon whispers that Gina can't let Mimi (the boss) see her. Melanie doesn't get it, because she thinks fraternizing means sexual relations and kissing and stuff. She asks if Landon is going to make out with Gina. Awkward!

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