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Tonight on The Real World: Aneesa gets a cake made out of flowers for her birthday, which is September 11.

The show opens with some white text on a black background. The text reads: "All the scenes in this episode of The Real World were taped between September 10th and September 14th, 2001."

In the first scene, some on-screen text informs us that it is September 10, 2001. We see that clip of the kid doing the back handspring in the surf again, and I think that's about the third time they've used that footage. The song "Another Perfect Day" by American Hi-Fi plays in the background. In the loft that night, Tonya talks to Justin on the phone. He asks if he can call her back because he's in the tanning booth. He goes to the tanning booth? Interesting. Tonya agrees that he can call her back. In an interview, Tonya reminds us again that she's a foster kid. Really? I didn't know that. It's hardly been a focus this season. Tonya explains that she doesn't have family to talk to on the phone, so she mostly just talks to Justin, "the love of [her] life." In an interview, Aneesa complains that Tonya is on the phone with Justin all the time. Aneesa explains that Tonya is on the phone three times per day for hours at a time, and she even sleeps by the phone. That would be really annoying.

While Tonya lies next to the phone and waits for Justin to call back, Aneesa walks up and argues that she should be able to use the phone. Tonya sing-songs, "I'm not listening to you." Kyle overhears the argument from his bedroom and laughs. Aneesa says that other people might sometimes want to use the phone. Tonya tells Aneesa that no one listens to her when she yells. I didn't really think Aneesa was yelling; she's standing a distance away from Tonya, and she was talking loudly in order to be heard. Then again, she could have walked a few feet closer. In an interview, Tonya says that she will get off the phone when someone else wants it, but that it's her only source of communication with Justin. Can't she email him? Maybe they don't have computers in Walla Walla. Maybe Justin should save some of the money he's using for tanning sessions and put it toward getting online. ["Maybe Tonya should get a damn cell phone. It's not like they're that expensive." -- Wing Chun] Aneesa says that no one came to visit her for her birthday, so she'd like to talk to her friends on the phone. Tonya tells her that it's fine. Aneesa keeps complaining because she's on a roll. Kyle is still cracking up about it. In an interview, Aneesa says that Tonya is on her bad side right now, and that Tonya might stay there.

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