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Nathan's Sensual Dancing

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Nathan's Sensual Dancing

It's the morning after everyone arrived at the house. We see various shots of people waking up, stretching and drinking coffee. Stephen, Irene and David are each writing, possibly in journals. This becomes important later in the episode. Of course, the producers could have used footage from any point in the season. We don't know that they were all writing that particular morning, right?

Nate is on the phone with Stephanie, and she's bitching about how he's having a great time and she's not, and "it's like a bad trip." Remember, because they almost cast Stephanie AND Nathan, but then picked Nate alone? So on top of being annoying, Stephanie is probably a little bitter that she didn't get on the show.

David and Rebecca are both working out. David is lifting weights, and Rebecca is riding an exercise bike. Lindsay is just sitting there watching them, and reading The Good Girl's Guide to Good Sex, because she can't let two minutes go by without a sexual reference. She's all astonished at what the book says (yeah, right) and David comes over and asks what is so shocking. She points at a particular section and David reads it and then shrugs and says, "Different strokes for different folks!" and then makes a joke about Lindsay and farm animals. Lindsay and David banter some more, like how tired is this already, and Lindsay tells David that he doesn't know her. Rebecca pipes up and says that David deals in stereotypes. Rebecca is reading The Massage Book while riding the bike. David resumes lifting weights and then says that the funny thing is that the girls are turned on by "eloquent ways of saying the same things different ways." Once again, I have no idea what he's talking about. He just never makes any sense. Rebecca protests that her book is not a sex book, it's a massage book. David says that it's the same thing, since they are both "sensual matters." Rebecca and Lindsay both insist that Rebecca wasn't thinking sensually. Lindsay adds that if Rebecca wants sex, she'll say, "Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex!" Well, maybe she wouldn't say it exactly like that. I doubt she would say it five times. David says Rebecca wouldn't say that because she's not "a demon" like Lindsay. She would say it "subtly" and "write in her journal." Rebecca points out that David is stereotyping her again. David hugs her by way of apology and says that she will be a "cat woman in ten years" who "wears her hair in a bun," as if that doesn't negate his apology. David has a habit of saying mean things, but then claiming that he was joking when people get mad. Rebecca claims to be an "incognito vixen" and David calls her a "little hoochie." God, David has such an obvious Madonna/whore complex, it's almost offensive. Anyway, David asks Rebecca if he can practice massages on her.

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