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My Unfunny Valentine

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My Unfunny Valentine

We open the show with the twenty-fourth shot of the Space Needle, just to establish once again that this season takes place in Seattle. Then, there's an American flag, because, you know, it's the United States. What next -- a shot of the globe to let us know it takes place on Earth? A shot of a candy bar to let us know it's in the Milky Way? Nathan claims that it's "hot as hell" in the house. Lindsay is lying on the scary couch on her back, and you all know that she got breast implants at some point during this season, right? And didn't tell the producers? I'm guessing it was sometime before this shot was filmed, because sister has got a RACK! Janet says something about not knowing how to turn the heat off. How sad is it that these people can legally drink alcohol in the States but don't know how to work a thermostat? Even sadder is the fact that, despite their complaints about the heat, there's a fire in the fireplace. Nathan finds the thermostat and says that the heat is on ninety degrees. Janet wonders who did that. You don't hear a response, but the camera cuts to Stephen, up in the library-balcony area, so I guess he said something. Lindsay says that this isn't San Diego. Nathan apparently didn't hear the Stephen admission, because he says that whoever put the heat on ninety is a [bleep]. Stephen says he didn't know it was at ninety, he just turned it on last night. Nathan complains that he can't even go in the bedroom and lay in bed. Like cry about it. Maybe they could...I don't know...crack a window or something? Nathan adds sarcastically, "Sorry you're from sunny San Diego." Stephen turns around sharply and says, "What?" And that's the end of the scene. Hmm, do you think these two will butt heads later on in this episode?

Rebecca and Irene are walking back from the store. Rebecca says that Stephen seems sad. In an interview, Rebecca says that she thinks Stephen feels isolated and lonely. Irene tells Rebecca that she thinks Stephen is trying to figure out his niche.

It's daytime, and there is a rainbow in the sky. Guess where it ends? The Space Needle. Janet and Nathan are leaving Pier 70 on foot. Janet says that this is the story of her life, "helping [her] guy friends pick out Valentine's Day gifts for their girlfriends." In an interview, Janet says that for those without a significant other, Valentine's Day is one of those days that slams and slaps you in the face. The background music says, "Sending my love to you..." as Nathan and Janet arrive at Champion Party Supply to look at cards. Janet mentions that it's hard to buy cards for her grandparents. Nathan says that he always picks religious cards for his grandmother. Janet says she has to translate the cards into Korean, so she has to look for cards with a lot of room to write inside. Nathan and Janet then go to a Mailboxes, Etc. type of store. Nathan is carrying a HUGE Betty Boop card for Stephanie. Nothing says "I love you" like a 1920s cartoon character, apparently. Nathan signs the card, "I love you!!" because nothing says "I love you" like two exclamation points, apparently. Nathan voice-overs that he is trying to get everything together for Valentine's Day and do something special for Stephanie.

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