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My Roommate, He Wrote Me a Letter

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My Roommate, He Wrote Me a Letter

Cut to Andre at the meeting, complaining about how he never gets his messages. And of course, it's Über-Responsible and Mature Becky who forgot to tell him about it.

Montage of everyone on the phone. I mean, one line for seven people? That's fucking inhumane.

Norman brings up the house guest issue. Kevin tells Eric that it was rude to have his sister come over and crash on his bed. Eric says that Kevin gave him permission. Kevin keeps saying, "I don't recall that."

Norman and Becky tell us that everyone hates Kim. Any Nies branch off the family tree is, I imagine, the kind of branch that insinuates itself up everyone's ass. Montage of shots of Kim. I kind of wish we'd have seen more of her to decide for ourselves if she's as unbearable as Eric.

Back to the meeting. Kevin tells Eric off -- albeit very nicely -- for making Kim the de facto eighth roommate.

Oh-oh, The Letter. Kevin writes Eric a letter explaining his feelings, and Eric, in a fit of extreme maturity, leaves it out so that everyone in the loft can see it. Everyone has a hard time reading Kevin's handwriting, but that doesn't stop Eric from getting all Marcus Aurelius about it and declaiming from the rooftops that he's been done wrong.

Julie tries to read the letter to Heather. Heather makes the canny observation, "I bet even after all this they still won't talk about it." Eric's one-on-one confirms that.

Andre reads the letter. He asks Eric what he thinks about it. Eric says he thinks it's bullshit. Eric talks about how he thought Kevin was really cool when he first met him, and then how he and Kevin started having problems when Eric brought his sister to stay at the loft. Eric spins some bullshit out of nowhere about how Kim thinks Kevin is really rude and cold to her, and he won't deal with anyone "disrespecting" his sister.

Andre tells Eric that he has to work something out with Kevin.

Eric says, screw that, he dissed my family and me, and that he has the nerve to complain about Kim when one of his friends has been parked on the couch for a couple of days. Really, are the Godfather histrionics necessary, Eric?

Oh God. Eric and his friends are sitting around the table talking big about the letter, and how Kevin better sleep light. Kevin and his friend walk in to the room, and there's an incredibly tense moment as he and Kevin eyeball each other from across the room.

Next week: Get ready to ruuuuuummmmmmmble. Eric and Kevin throw down.

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