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My Roommate, He Wrote Me a Letter

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My Roommate, He Wrote Me a Letter

The game ends when they ask Becky if there's anything that turns her on now that she used to find icky, and she says, "I'd rather get squirted to death [than answer]."

Montage of Becky getting ready to go out. She looks like a hot tamale, giving her a handicap for the fact that it was still the tag-end of the eighties. However, hot pants are a key point in her outfit, hopefully in ironic reference to the James Brown song, but somehow, with Becky, I doubt it. As far as I can tell, the rest of her outfit consists of tights, a sheer black shirt with a built-in undershirt, and -- oh gak -- a blazer.

Norman's wearing a fez. Heather's one-on-one tells us that Norman invited them all out to a party at the Limelight for one of his pals. Norman says that it was supposed to be a big deal and everyone was getting dressed up to go out.

Cut to Becky. She's shoving some paper cups over her nipples, under her shirt, so it looks like she's wearing one of those weird Gaultier bras that Madonna was ever so fond of. Julie asks, "Are you a Material Girl?" and Becky replies, "Yeah, Dixie Cup Material."

Suddenly Heather turns into Prudent Penelope and runs down Becky's outfit, basically calling her a tramp.

Andre says, "It was pretty cute."

Becky follows Heather into the bathroom and Heather tells her to get away from her with those things and Becky says, "Wait, one of them is crooked."

Becky's one-on-one. She talks about how she thinks it's fun to dress cheesy. I cannot believe they've spent maybe a third of the show on Becky's dressing, mating, and grooming habits. Jesus, I could watch the Nature Channel and the fuckin' ring-tailed lemur would afford me more amusement, plus, at least, we'd get to see the lemur actually scoring instead of this coy editing that Bunim-Murray makes us put up with.

Heather talks about how everyone else in the house was egging Becky on. She says, "Everyone was all, 'Yeah, Madonna, you better watch out!' and I was sayin', 'Look, Madonna ain't even thinkin' about you, you better take those damn things out.'" Okay. I love Heather again.

Montage of Becky at the party, drinkin', laughin' and skankin'. Not any serious skankin' -- she bends over and kisses people a lot. In her one-on-one, she says she hates it when she's at a bar or party looking to meet some guys and someone asks her something dumb like, "Tell us about your music." Yep, I'd hate that question too, especially if an honest reply would consist of, "I'm a no-talent hack with even less voice, by the way, you're getting in the way of my Cat on a Hot Tin Roof imitation." Becky says, "I'm always like, 'Get out of my way, there's a guy over there, and you're blocking my view!'" The camera cuts to a pixelated view of a guy's bare butt.

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