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My Roommate, He Wrote Me a Letter

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My Roommate, He Wrote Me a Letter

Previously: We saw Norman at his art gallery, Andre at a gig, and Eric make out. Hypothesis: Filled with petty squabbles, go-nowhere "opportunities" and shameless backbiting and misunderstandings, maybe this IS the real world after all. It sure is boring enough to be.

Becky's one-on-one. She's talking about her love life, and how it goes in spurts, and how it sucks going to bed alone every night. Montage of Becky going out, or getting ready to go out. She talks about a recent break-up, and how it's going to be weird to be "out there." I sound exactly like my mother, but Becky sure is a lot cuter when she wears a little makeup. Lipstick, Becky -- it won't kill you.

Becky and her friend Adam in the recording studio. She whisper-sings some bilge into the mike.

Becky talks about how she met Adam a year and a half ago, and immediately fell for him, and how they "cuddle all the time and sleep in the same bed all the time but it's not an ongoing romance." Translation: We're fuck buddies.

Back at El Lofto. Our cast is playing their own version of Truth or Dare with the Love & Sex questionnaire we saw 'em with in the first episode. Heather B. has charge of the water pistol and threatens to shoot those giving untrue or otherwise dumb answers.

They ask Becky what her longest love-making experience was. She says, "Two and a half to three hours." Andre looks fascinated. Norman says he was twenty-one and lost it at his friend Lisa Seagal's apartment. Julie looks incredibly uncomfortable during these conversations. Becky says the most people she's ever slept with in one week is two, and that she lost her virginity when she was fifteen to the "jock of the school" because he was the only cute guy at her school, and while he was a great kisser, he was a terrible lay. C'mon, Becky, cut the guy a little slack -- very few people are good in bed during high school.

Cut to Eric, grinning and looking a little uncomfortable. He's wearing a knitted black cap that makes him look like a Trojan "ribbed for her pleasure" and a wife-beater. An homage to Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront, or inherent bad taste? You decide.

Eric's one-on-one floats over ghost-like during bits of this Truth or Dare Session. He says that Becky's "like, she's got this face to her, and if she wants something from you, she'll get it, because she knows how to get to you with her looks, and the way she talks." Eric reminds me of one of the group of extras in Quest for Fire who are really impressed when the other humanoids start walking upright and grunting in systematized ways that could be interpreted as language. No slam against Quest for Fire, because I really like that movie.

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