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My Name Is Landon

Landon and MJ go out for a night on the town. MJ interviews that they're going to "stop by a little bar and try to watch the game." As they walk into Tom Drinker's Tavern, MJ is shocked. By the number of people in there? By the type of people? It's not clear. Once they get inside, random drunkies start yelling insults at Landon and MJ, which, again, I don't get. Then again, I don't get people who go out drinking and aren't happy unless the night ends with a fight, but I know people who were like that in our younger days. Landon interviews that people are amazingly rude. MJ suggests that they finish their beers and leave, and Landon agrees.

The next day, MJ tells Melanie that they found her bar. Melanie says, "Please, please, please, like, if you don't really like that place, or like you don't have an affinity for it, I absolutely love it." So what is she asking him to do? Not to go there? Not to talk shit about it? Melanie says that when she found out MJ and Landon went to Drinker's Tavern, she hit the table really hard, and MJ laughs. Melanie interviews that Drinker's is her place to go when she needs to get away from the roommates. A scratching needle sound effect cuts to Shavonda, who interviews, "You need time away from me? You don't even know my last name yet, but you need time away from me?" Bitch, I needed time away from you after about two episodes, so can it. And also, was this filmed a lot earlier in the season, or is Melanie just that clueless? How does she not know Shavonda's last name yet? In a confessional, Landon says he senses that Melanie doesn't like him, and that he really cares what people think about him. I feel like we've seen that footage before, but I did a search of previous recaps and couldn't find it. The moral of the story is that Landon has had problems with Melanie before this.

Shavonda and Karamo get on the subway. A woman nearby is very loud and yelling about something. Shavonda and Karamo exit the subway and Shavonda says that she went to school with girls like that loud woman. Shavonda talks really, really fast as she says that people in school made fun of her for being different, but that they were all exactly the same. Shavonda says she had to explain herself because she's black, but she didn't dress a certain way or like certain music. Karamo asks if she could have talked to those people about it, and Shavonda says no. Karamo says when he first moved in, he thought she was "different than any other sisters [he knew]." Karamo interviews that he really wanted to bond with Shavonda and enjoy Philly together, but that he hasn't been able to "connect with [his] own sister." Shavonda interviews that she's been accused of "acting too white," and says that when she asks people what that means, they can't tell her. Oh, come on. She knows what they mean. I'm not saying she should care, but she knows exactly what they are talking about. Shavonda concludes that she likes who she is, so she doesn't care.

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