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Previously on The Real World: Ruthie gets kicked out of a bar for fighting, Annoying and Colin say she has a problem, Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread want to help, Teck and Justin are nowhere to be seen. So, this week's episode is going to be about Ruthie's drinking problem. Whee!

On the beach, Ruthie, Colin and Wonder Bread play football while Annoying suns herself. Ruthie bends over to hike the ball and Wonder Bread nearly kills himself trying to look down her bikini top. He is so overwhelmed that, while going out for a pass, he takes a big digger into the sand. You can bet I rewound that one a few times! Ruthie says she's glad to be in Hawaii, and writes, "I love Jess!" in the sand. Wonder Bread takes a picture of her next to the words, while thinking to himself, "I'm not sure of the exact pronunciation..." (Seinfeld reference: email me if you don't get it).

The roommates prepare to go out somewhere. WB offers Amaya a "rum drink," explaining that it's a daiquiri without the daiquiri mix. Mmm, I can't believe she turned that one down. I'm no bartender, but wouldn't that be basically straight rum? Regardless, WB pulls Annoying aside and explains that he "just wanted to mention it AWAAAAAAAY from the person I don't necessarily want to have a drink." Because, you know, avoiding drinking around someone immediately cures their drinking problem. Then, he says, "I don't want to be an encourager-er." But obviously he does want to be an idiot.

Justin asks Ruthie when they're leaving because "we better start drinking." While I'm still puzzling that one out, Colin pulls Wonder Bread aside and complains that Justin is encouraging Ruthie to get bombed. Colin even does a little voice which I assume is supposed to be Justin, but sounds nothing like Justin and everything like Regan in The Exorcist. So I'm scared, and Wonder Bread agrees that it's irresponsible. Colin can't believe that Justin wants Ruthie to get drunk before they go out since she'll have ten more drinks once they are at the club and Wonder Bread says Justin's an idiot. Then they go and talk to Justin about his behavior and why they disagree with it, instead of sniping behind his back like a couple of old biddies. OK, actually that doesn't happen. Instead, Teck makes his one appearance of the episode by saying that it's time to go. Colin shows how he encourages responsible drinking by downing his mug full of rum. Teck says, "Hi de ho, find a ho, let's go!" I swear I didn't make that up. I have captioning, people. Good to know that, after meeting Andrea, Teck is changing his ways.

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