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Music Makes The People Come Together
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Before the recap begins, I have an announcement to make. After six years and nine and a half seasons consisting of 211 recaps and 18 Extras, I'm going to hand over the reins of recapping this show to the fabulous, hilarious Stee. I'll still be recapping other shows for the site, but I'm too burnt out on this one. Not to get all nostalgic, but this was the first show I recapped for the site, and my recaps were some of the first ever to be posted way back in the Hawaii season. Thanks to all of the readers and posters and especially thanks to Wing Chun and Sars for giving me my first professional writing gig. ["And thank you for rocking it." -- Wing Chun]

And now on with the show! Hey, they're in Austin! And in case you didn't figure that out from the credits, which just played, the production team helpfully spelled out the word "Austin" in neon letters or something on the top of the house. I propose that they did this because Austin doesn't have one of those instantly recognizable landmarks, like the Space Needle or the Eiffel Tower. Although I'm not entirely sure why viewers even need to know that they're in Austin, because it's not like the storylines of the show depend on it. They could be in Philly, or Vegas, or wherever, and the storylines are pretty much the same. Anyway.

Nehemiah edits his piece on Wes using the Avid system. He interviews that he's spent more time on his than any of his roommates, and he thinks it came out pretty well. They're going to show their pieces to Paul, their boss.

The roommates gather with their videotapes. Rachel is up first, and explains that it's not a finished product, so she doesn't show it. Nehemiah brags about how far he's gotten on his project, explaining that he's got effects and transitions and titles and blah de bloo, and frankly it sounds like he put more work into this project than the editors do in any particular episode of this show. Then again, what else does he have to do with his free time? Lacey interviews that she's annoyed by Nehemiah's teacher's-pet antics, probably mostly because she has already designated herself as being in charge of their job, and she wanted to be the teacher's pet.

Paul wants to look at Nehemiah's tape first. They pop the tape in, and Nehemiah has titled it "Still Waters Run Deep" and it's about Wes. He opens and closes with a shot of the water, and in the middle are a lot of shots of Wes waxing philosophical about how he wants to have no regrets in life and a lot of other cheesy shit he read in Maxim or something. It's boring, but then again, Wes is boring, so assembling it was probably a challenge. Then again, I thought Nehemiah was going to do something funny by juxtaposing shots of Wes talking about what a go-getter he is with shots of Wes sleeping all the time. That would have been funny. When it finishes, Paul is less than enthusiastic and explains that he's confused by the shots of the water. Clearly he didn't read the title of the piece! Even though the title made no sense and didn't really apply to Wes, unless Nehemiah was being sarcastic. But as someone who needs to come up with an episode title every week, I can understand that, sometimes, you miss the mark. Paul tells them that this is a process, and that they all need to make progress. Melinda interviews that she can tell Nehemiah is upset about the criticism. Nehemiah says he knows he has room for improvement, and that he also respects Paul's expertise on the subject.

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