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Music Is My Life, Part II

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Music Is My Life, Part II

B-roll. An ambulance shrieks through the dark streets of London at night. A saxophonist busking for change squeaks out a tortured tune. We zoom in on one of the windows of the top floor bedrooms at Attention Deficit Manor and on the other side, we are shown a conversation happening between Lars and Mike. Lars reclines like a Teutonic satyr on one of the couches, pouts, smokes cigarettes, and reminisces about throwing parties in Berlin and all the work and risk involved. Mike listens intently while wearing a hockey jersey and lying on the other couch with his knees spread out and his hands over his package. Lars tells Mike that he is not a DJ, he is a party planner. There is a difference.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Kat watches Neil thumb through a tabloid-sized newspaper which I'm guessing is a London music publication like N.M.E. Oh, and I'm not making this next part up. "Why is everyone in the world famous except for me for being a musician, Kat?" asks Neil. Now, if it had been me sitting in that kitchen instead of Kat, I'd have answered, "Because your music sucks." But Kat, who is getting laid and therefore in some sort of "I kneel before man" mood, is way more diplomatic. "Have you ever had any offers?" asks Kat, referring to record companies. Oh, as if Neil iswithout a record deal right now because he turned one down. Neil agreed to be on The Real World, for crying out loud. He'd work for Lou Pearlman. Neil tells Kat that the record companies have never noticed him, except one time when Sony had some interest in them and then changed their minds after they heard them play. "I think we're a little too noisy for them," says Neil. Whatever.

Meanwhile, Sharon's at speech therapy. The irony of Sharon having to go somewhere to learn how to speak again is not lost on me. Her speech therapist takes her through some scales. In an interview, Sharon mentions that she hasn't seen much of her band lately due to the operation earlier in the season, of which they remind us by rerunning the scene where she freaks out because she's getting an injection. Her tonsillitis was yet another setback. Sharon's speech therapist asks Sharon whether she is singing these days. Sharon tells her that she is, but that she wants to start training again. In an interview, Sharon reminds us yet again that music is her life.

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