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Muja Star To The Rescue!

Flowers arrive for Shavonda. Willie makes his one appearance of the show to tell Shavonda that the flowers are there. Shavonda grabs the flowers, and it is seriously the ugliest bouquet I've ever seen. It's a dozen roses, I guess, but they are all clumped up with baby's breath, and the roses are all fully opened, and it's just horrible. Willie pretends to be impressed, but you know he's really thinking about how ugly it is. I tell myself that Shaun probably placed the order without seeing the actual arrangement. Shavonda reads the card, and it's from, which means that he totally did see the arrangement, and chose it anyway. Just, no. Shavonda reads the card, which says, "I'm so sorry and I love you." Why is Shaun sorry? He should be sorry he met her.

Karamo makes his only appearance of the episode to hear about Shavonda's ugly flowers. Shavonda lords the apology card over everyone. Shavonda thinks the flowers are beautiful, and Karamo doesn't really reply (ha!) except to tell her that she should call Shaun right away.

Shavonda calls Shaun and says that the flowers are pretty. Shavonda interviews that everything is "more than great" with Shaun, and that she would even term it excellent.

Shavonda and Landon discuss his hookup. Landon laughs about it, and admits that he'll never talk to Trouble again. Shavonda says that Trouble wasn't really cute, and Landon says he didn't care. Shavonda interviews that guys don't get as attached as girls do, and that they can use women as objects, but that she never could. She could never use a woman as an object. And despite Shavonda's Men are from Mars approach to sex relations, I know plenty of women who can have sex with a guy once and never talk to him again, and feel fine with that. Shavonda needs to get over her "Good Girls Don't" mentality and let other people live their lives. Landon says that he won't be hooking up every night, because that's not what he wants.

Shavonda says that she likes to be taken care of by a boy, and that Shaun does that. Landon says pointedly that lots of guys can do that. In a confessional, Landon says that he doesn't know if it's realistic to look for a relationship while he's in Philly, but that Shavonda is sweet and beautiful, and that's what he's looking for. "Sweet"? Has he met Shavonda? Shavonda says she went from a shitty guy to a great guy with no in between. Landon suggests that Shaun might be the in between. Ooh, deep. Shavonda says she can't believe that, because she can't imagine being any happier. Shavonda interviews that Shaun is the only person in her life who unconditionally loves her, and that she's worried she'll enjoy her time in Philly too much and leave him behind. Man, she is messed up.

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