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Muja Star To The Rescue!

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Muja Star To The Rescue!

MJ interviews that they're all going out for Phase II of his birthday. They arrive at an arcade. Maybe it's a bar/arcade. Anyway, they all play games, and Sarah and MJ take photos together in a photo booth. Later, they sit out on a deck, and fireworks go off over the river. Sarah talks about how great MJ's birthday has been. Landon sits alone and watches the fireworks. He interviews that he's been lonely, and that kissing Shavonda is always in the back of his head. Shavonda asks why Landon is sitting alone. Landon interviews that the older you get, the less likely it is that you'll find love, which is horseshit. Landon finally decides that if Shavonda won't hook up with him, he'll have to bring other girls home. Because hooking up with complete strangers is a sure cure for loneliness.

MJ and Will wander through the arcade until they find Landon, and then they leave, without the ladies, to go to a bar. It appears to be some sort of Coyote Ugly-type place, with a Western theme and bartenders dancing on the bar. MJ gets his birthday spanking, and Landon dances with one of the bartenders. He invites her over to get in the hot tub. Landon and Will wander drunkenly down the street with the bartender, who I'm just going to call Trouble, since she's wearing a shirt that says, "Here Comes Trouble." Landon interviews that he does have a romantic side, but he also likes to make out with random girls in bars. He adds that he doesn't really know what he's looking for.

Back at the house, everyone eats cake for MJ's birthday. In a confessional, MJ says that he's never had a birthday where everyone collaborated to make it great. MJ smears cake all over his face and lifts Melanie and Shavonda up in a hug. MJ interviews that Muja Star comes out whenever MJ is tired from partying, i.e. drunk. MJ licks cake from his fingers and wipes off his face. He goes and looks in the mirror, and the editor throw in a special effect before revealing MJ's transformation into Muja Star. He's wearing his Pin the Tail mask and blue underwear. Landon compliments Muja Star's package. No comment, there. Melanie helps Muja Star to pin a blanket around his neck like a cape. He adds cowboy boots to the ensemble and skips around the house. Shavonda tells Landon that Muja Star is looking for him, and Landon avoids looking at MJ in his undies. MJ yells that evil is lurking, and stalks around the house some more. MJ interviews that Muja Star protects the house from all intruders by taking the special star from his back and throwing it at people. The editors have fun with a montage of Muja Star superimposed over buildings again.

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