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Muja Star To The Rescue!

Sarah prepares breakfast for MJ because it's his birthday. Will, MJ's friend who is visiting, helps. Sarah interviews that when MJ was younger, he had a birthday party at a skating rink, and he invited twenty-five people and only five showed up. Dude. That is really sad. Imagine if that happened to your kid. What do you say? This is why I can't be a parent. I would probably go beat up all the other kids for not showing. And their parents. Or would it be worse if I knew my kid was weird/annoying/smelly and that's why no one showed? Both alternatives are horrible to contemplate. Anyway, Sarah and Will take MJ his breakfast in bed. Sarah interviews that a little goes a long way with MJ. He says that he's never been treated so well on his birthday, and he thanks Sarah profusely. MJ interviews that it was really nice for Sarah to do, but that he's going to let Will eat it, because he's not that hungry. Sometimes MJ is kind of funny, but not often enough.

MJ calls his dad. Instead of saying hello, he says, "What about it, Pop?" and his dad says, "What about you, birthday boy?" I just found that kind of endearing. MJ says he's doing well, and he has a new nickname, which is Muja Star. He explains that his roommates make fun of "that nasty-ass tattoo" on his back. See, MJ has a giant star tattooed on his back, but it's kind of fuzzy around the edges, and solid, and...well, not that good. And did I mention huge? But it's nice to know that he realizes it's bad. ["I figured it was fuzzy-edged and black because it was covering some other even more regrettable tattoo. I'm horrified to learn that there isn't more to his ugly tattoo than its obvious ugliness." -- Wing Chun] MJ interviews that Willie came up with the name, and that the "Muja" part stands for "MJ." MJ tells his dad that he's created a superhero out of the name. The editors superimpose footage of MJ in a cape and mask running around the house over the buildings of Philadelphia. MJ says that the superhero only comes out late at night. I would love to hear MJ's dad's reaction to that one, but we don't get to.

MJ gets a package from home and rips into it. He interviews that this is the longest he's gone without seeing his dad and brother. MJ pulls out various food products from the box, and then realizes that his parents sent him Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Hey, laugh all you want, but we played that at my friend's birthday party and I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard. People in blindfolds running into shit is funny! MJ says he's going to sleep with the mask from the game over his face, and then realizes that he could cut holes in it and it could be the Muja Star mask. Melanie is way too excited about that.

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