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Shavonda lies on the floor in the telephone room and castigates Shaun over the phone for making a mistake and being vindictive. She's still on him about this? Either let it go, or break it off. Oh, wait. They already broke it off. Landon interviews that Shavonda is on the phone with Shaun for three to four hours per day, and that it's not healthy. Landon yells to ask if he can use the phone. Shavonda actually asks how long he needs to use it. What a self-absorbed nut job. The correct answer to that question is, "Yes, Landon. I'll be off in about five minutes. Just let me wrap this up." Landon complains that his sister has been trying to reach him for a week, and Shavonda curses, "Well, I'm really fucking sorry, but this just happened last night. So she's been calling for a week but there's been other times you didn't answer the fucking phone. I'm sorry." She's not sorry. She can't fool me. Also, fuck off, Shavonda.

Landon interviews that Shavonda and Shaun have broken up, but that Shavonda is holding onto that label. Landon and MJ laugh about how Shavonda calls Shaun her boyfriend and then yells at him on the phone for hours. Cut to Shavonda yelling at Shaun some more, and Shaun kissing her ass and saying that he totally understands what she means. MJ asks Landon if he still likes Shavonda, and Landon says that he does, asking, "What is there not to like?" Well, her bitchy attitude, her insecurity, her sense of entitlement, her Jheri curls, her faux-baby voice. Shall I go on? MJ interviews that it's obvious Shavonda has a crush on Landon. Landon lists off Shavonda's attributes, saying that she's "gorgeous" and "a sweetheart." In conclusion, Landon would like to date Shavonda.

Later that same day (judging by Shavonda's and Landon's clothing), Shavonda calls Shaun on the videophone. Oh, big mistake. Because Shaun is a whiny bitch, but he's also a homely whiny bitch. Landon interviews that Shavonda is on the phone with Shaun, and that it makes her run down. Shavonda interviews that she's working on getting over Shaun, and that it's probably her fault for breaking up with Shaun, which led him to believe he could see his ex-girlfriend. Wow, where would he ever get the idea that if he weren't dating Shavonda, he would be free to see whomever the fuck he wanted to? That's insane. He should have known that he was required to give Shavonda daily briefings on his whereabouts. Now, seriously, it was wrong of him to lie to her, but given her reaction, I don't really blame him for not wanting to be upfront. Shaun tells Shavonda that he's never been more attracted to someone than he is to her. Ew. Landon interviews that Shavonda doesn't have much family, so Shaun is her only support. Shaun is mad that his gift to Shavonda didn't get there yet, and won't tell her what it is. In a really weird interview that looks like it might have been done while they were on vacation or something, Landon says that Shavonda has a crush on him but isn't ready to give up on her relationship with Shaun. Does that mean this stupid non-storyline will still be going on for the next few weeks?

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