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Mother, Mother

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Mother, Mother

Frank talks to Emily on the phone. In an interview, Frank says he's waking Emily up in the middle of the night to announce that he wants to have a relationship with her. Frank says he was afraid to talk to her about it. In an interview, Frank says that Emily feels the same way, so they're going to give it a shot. Frank tells Trishelle how the phone call went. Trishelle is proud of him. Frank is happy too, because this is exactly what he wants.

Steven tells Arissa that her mom is on the phone. Ma-rissa says that she needs to talk to Arissa the next day. Arissa is like, "Just tell me now!" Seriously. That's annoying. In a confessional, Arissa says she's drained from dealing with her mother, but that she's not been intimidated before. Ma-rissa keeps saying that she can't tell Arissa over the phone. Arissa tells her mother not to call until she can tell her whatever it is. Ma-rissa says, "Can I say something, you simple bitch?" Whoa. I have to tell you, on first viewing, I didn't think Ma-rissa was that bad until this scene. She's fucking crazy. Arissa hangs up, and Ma-rissa keeps calling her a bitch.

Next week: Steven, Frank, and Trishelle go to L.A. because Frank has an interview at U.S.C. Trishelle and Frank get their freak on and then kiss. What will Emily say?

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