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Mother, Mother

Back to the totally non-awesome Real World. It's still Arissa's birthday, and her roommates give her a bunch of gifts. We don't really get to see what most of them are, but one of them is a flask. In an interview, Steven says it's nice to see Arissa smiling because she's usually crying because her family sucks. At least he didn't say "toxic friends" and make finger quotes again. Arissa says that all she needs is a cigarette case and she will be sophisticated. In an interview, Alton says that Arissa deserves to be happy.

The roommates all go out to dinner. Arissa gets one more gift, which is a silver cigarette case. She stands and says that this is the best birthday she's ever had. She's wearing a fitted jacket with a men's tie but no shirt underneath and it almost works on her but not quite. In an interview, Arissa says she felt overwhelmed with attention and emotion, and that she didn't know that her roommates cared about her so much. The waiter brings Arissa a cake and everyone sings as Arissa cries. In an interview, Trishelle says that Arissa's real family is hard on her, so they all came together as a family. Man, that cake looks good. Steven puts frosting on Arissa's face and then makes a rule that everyone has to do it. So they do. In an interview, Arissa says that her roommates have taught her that she's not alone. Outside the restaurant, the roommates discuss their plans. Arissa says she has to drop some food off and call Drunkle.

Back home, Arissa calls Drunkle. Steven talks loudly and drunkenly in the background about how they don't like family members who make their roommates feel like shit. Drunkle complains that he knew Arissa would blow him off and gives her a big guilt trip. Arissa lets him, when the proper response would be to say, "I can see you now or I can not see you at all. Which do you want?" But she lets him guilt-trip her, so he will continue to do so. Steven tries to do that thing where your roommate says he needs to use the phone so you have an excuse to hang up. In an interview, Steven says that Drunkle is a jerk-off. Drunkle says that Arissa was supposed to give him some stuff to take home. Arissa says she'll walk it over to his hotel and drop it off. Arissa insists that she didn't blow him off, and that he can meet her in the lobby of the hotel. Drunkle hangs up on her, and Arissa is pissed. I would Fed Ex that shit. Fuck Drunkle. Steven says, "He's what we call, in the hood, an asshole!" And he makes finger quotes around "in the hood." Speaking of assholes. Arissa can't believe Drunkle thinks she blew him off. Okay, she kind of did blow him off, but whatever! Who cares? In an interview, Frank says that Arissa can't be on call for Drunkle.

Arissa wears the highest heels ever as she carries a package over to Drunkle. They meet up in the lobby. Arissa delivers the package and Drunkle delivers yet another guilt trip about how he made sure he would be there for Arissa's birthday and she chose her friends over her family and it's disrespectful. The proper response? Smile and say, "I'm sorry you feel that way." And then leave. In an interview, Arissa says every time she is ready to breathe easy, something knocks her for a loop. As they walk out, Arissa asks what she's supposed to tell her eight roommates. Eight? Did two more sneak in when I wasn't looking? Drunkle says he doesn't give a shit what she tells them, and that she should make time for Drunkle. Arissa says she invited him for dinner and he declined. In an interview, Arissa says she puts everyone else's needs before her own. Arissa and Drunkle continue to argue about whether she blew him off. Drunkle gets all sentimental about how he wanted to make a date with her, which is creepy. He says he doesn't want to leave on bad terms, and gives her a hug. Arissa rolls her eyes and lets him hug her. He's such a Drunkle.

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