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Mother, Mother

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Mother, Mother

Frank and Emily go out to dinner. They are sitting at this banquette with a giant back that makes them look tiny. Frank comments on how dark it is in there, and Emily says that it's supposed to be romantic. Frank says he wasn't ever taught romance, so he learned it from '80s movies. Man, I find Frank so annoying. Emily laughs, though. Frank says, "I don't think and I can, like, be friends but, like, not like perfect friends." Like, you think so? Emily asks if that's because they have "deep, lusty kisses." Ew, never use the word "lusty" to describe to Frank ever again. In an interview, Frank says he doesn't know if it's possible to be just friends with Emily, and that he's never been in a similar situation. Frank tells Emily that he doesn't think he could ever be happy for her if she were dating someone else. Emily says that at first, she wanted to know when Frank hooked up with other people. Frank laughs and says he thought that was weird, and that he didn't want to know when she hooked up with other people. Emily laughs and says slowly, "Well, I haven't." Emily seems like a nice person and all, but her eyebrows are way overplucked. In an interview, Frank says that the more time he spends with Emily, the more he thinks, "Wow, I really do like this girl. This girl is damn near perfect for you, Frank." Does he really call himself "Frank" when he talks to himself?

Frank and Emily walk outside and wait for a car. Emily notices all the confetti on the ground and asks what it's from. Frank thinks it might be a wedding. Emily asks if a lot of wedding happen. No, not many weddings happen in Las Vegas, really. Didn't Frank say she was supposed to be smart? Also, what's with all the talk of marriage? Are they foreshadowing that these two are going to get married or something? Frank says, "I was a pall...ring bearer in my sister's wedding." Are they drunk? Emily and Frank hold hands. Frank says it wouldn't break his heart if Emily missed her flight, and suggests that she just stay there forever. Emily looks at him. Frank says she could stay for two more months and make his life better. Emily's giant green limousine arrives. Frank and Emily kiss but look self-conscious, probably because there is a camera right in their faces. Emily gets into the green limo and takes off.

It's Arissa's birthday. Everyone wakes her up by saying happy birthday. Steven humps her and wishes her a happy birthday. In an interview, Arissa says she's never had a fuss made over her birthday before. Drunkle calls and says he wants to take Arissa downtown, and wants to set a time. In an interview, Arissa says that her family is demanding of her time, and that she can't rearrange her schedule for them if she doesn't know they are coming. So tell Drunkle that. Tell him you're busy, or you have plans, and then hang up. Arissa explains that her roommates made reservations to take her out to dinner that night, and she just found out about it. Drunkle asks if it's set in stone. Well, yeah, it is her birthday dinner. Why can't she just have lunch with Drunkle instead? In an interview, Arissa says she feels like she's stretched too thin, and dealing with her family is too much. Drunkle says he figured Arissa would want to hang out with him. Wrong, Drunkle!

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