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Mother, Mother

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Mother, Mother

Arissa and some of the roommates go to see the Blue Man Group at the Luxor. In an interview, Arissa says she's having a blast right now. Back at home, Arissa gets a phone call. It's her Uncle Robert. She doesn't look happy to hear from him. He says that he's in Vegas, at a hotel across the street from her. Arissa makes a lot of shitty facial expressions to show her roommates (and the cameras) how unhappy she is. I'm sure her uncle is an asshole, but it's kind of shitty to make all those faces at the camera. Like, be a grownup and tell him you don't want to see him or just see him dutifully for an hour and have lunch, but don't be all passive-aggressive about it. Not to mention overly dramatic.

Arissa meets up with her Uncle Robert, who appears to be a Drunk Uncle, or Drunkle. I'm not saying he's drunk right now. I'm just saying that he's that Uncle who says and does inappropriate things but you only see him a few times a year so you ignore it. Arissa voice-overs that Robert is her father's brother. Arissa says she's happy. Drunkle starts to give her a lecture about her outstanding bench warrant, an area with which he seems to have some experience. He also claims that she could get extradited back to Boston. Really? It's not like she murdered someone. It's times like these that I wish I were a lawyer so I could mock Drunkle's legal advice. Arissa says she won't get arrested in Vegas because she's not doing anything wrong. Drunkle advises her to straighten up. Arissa says that this isn't affecting anyone else's life, and that it's not her fault. She pulls the trump card and asks who else in her life has had a bench warrant, and adds that she didn't flip out about it. So I'm guessing some relative also had a bench warrant. Drunkle says he's never had one. Arissa says he's about the only one. In an interview, Arissa says that her family members are concerned, but when they make mistakes, she doesn't judge them. Drunkle tells her to make a few phone calls to straighten the whole thing out, and offers his calling card if she can't afford the calls. In an interview, Arissa says she'll make some calls. Drunkle continues the lecture and tells Arissa to "get some responsibility in [her] life." Arissa keeps her mouth shut and swigs some beer.

Frank and Trishelle discuss Emily as they shower. Not in the same stall or anything. Frank says that before he came to Vegas, his relationship with Emily was going well. In an interview, Frank says that when Emily got there, he just wanted a friend, and didn't want to lead her on by being affectionate. Frank tells Trishelle that now he's just treating Emily like he used to. Trishelle protests, and Frank says it's hard not to. In an interview, Trishelle says that she thinks Frank cares about Emily and should just be with her. Frank says that he doesn't want to lead Emily on. Trishelle asks if they really kissed, and Frank says they did. Did Frank just take a shower and not get his hair wet at all? I can see not getting your hair wet when you have long hair that takes forever to dry and/or style. But Frank barely has any hair, so why not shampoo? I don't know. Frank says he's an idiot. Trishelle asks if he wants to be with Emily. Frank says he does, but that it won't happen because they live so far apart.

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