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Mother, Mother

Ma-rissa calls and says there are some problems. Arissa rolls her eyes and asks what's up. Ma-rissa says that someone is suing Arissa for criminal harassment. Arissa starts to explain, but Ma-rissa interrupts and then they just start yelling at each other. In an interview, Arissa says that she placed a restraining order on a neighbor, and now the neighbor has placed a restraining order in return. Arissa tells her mom that she'll give her a fax number so she can fax the order. Ma-rissa takes this to mean that Arissa doesn't believe her about the order, and refuses to do it. They start screaming at each other again. Ma-rissa says she didn't have to call and tell Arissa about it. In an interview, Arissa says that her mother is very dramatic and turned it into a big thing. I have to say that if I were being sued for anything, my mom would turn it into a big thing, too. Arissa adds that she's not concerned about this because she knows she didn't do anything. Ma-rissa continues to yell, so Arissa puts the phone down and rolls her eyes. And who's the drama queen now? They hang up.

The next day? Later that day? Some other day? Who in the hell knows. Arissa gets a call, and when she hangs up, she tells her roommates that there's a warrant out for her arrest. She pretends she thinks it's funny, but she seems kind of upset. Everyone asks what the deal is. She explains the whole restraining-order thing and says there's nothing she can do because she's not at home, so she couldn't show up in court as ordered, so now there's a bench warrant out for her arrest. Dude. She seems to think the whole thing is funny, but I would be freaking out. Couldn't she have called and told someone that she was currently living in Las Vegas and couldn't make the court date or something? Steven tells her she's the first Real Worlder on the lam. She laughs and jumps around and they run over to tell everyone that she's going to "get put in the clink." Ha! Ha? I don't get why that's very funny and that whole scene had a very weird vibe.

Emily arrives. In a confessional, Frank says that he is trying not to kiss her or hold her hand. Frank goes to Emily's hotel room and they hug. In an interview, Frank says that when he saw her, all of his old feelings came rushing back. Frank and Emily hold hands as they walk around and see the sights of Vegas. Frank says that there are lots of nice places to get married. Frank voice-overs that he has "a feeling of comfort" around Emily as we see them kissing. They check out the gondolas at the Venetian while Frank explains that his mom wanted to go on them. Frank's parents came to visit? Really? In an interview, Frank says he's kissing Emily and he doesn't know why. Because she's hot and you haven't gotten laid in a while?

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