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Austin. Warehouse. The kids pack for the trip they don't at all deserve. A full-sized bus comes to pick them up. Wes camera-ghosts that he's always wanted to go to Costa Rica. Johanna camera-talks that she thinks the trip will bring them all together. When have they ever been "apart"? She thinks everyone is going to get along. Jesus, let's hope not.

Bus. The boys crack wise. Rachel makes a disgusted face. Or maybe that's just her normal puss.

Montage of airport. Plane. Sun goes down. (On this show.)

Well, so, suddenly they're in Costa Rica. Another bus pulls into the dingy little "Hotel Cocal & Casino." Slot machines. No one playing them. As the housemates check into their ugly little rooms, Neh tells us that he himself earned this trip, and that he's going to have fun and see everything before he has to go home. Wow, B/M really went the econo route on the rooms. The kids realize they're right on the water. Geniuses. Danny must have just thought the roaring in his ears was just due to his caved-in cranium.

Beach. Night. The kids run into the water, screaming like morons. Neh had better take off his big giant Africa pendant before that thing pulls him under. Johanna jumps into Wes's arms. Danny clears out his ear. Water frolicking. Water frolicking. The boys decide to nude up. Mel's boobies fall out of her suit. Smart boobs -- trying to get away from getting mauled by drunk Danny every night. Naked boys. Frolicking girls. Nude Wes. Stee VOMITING!

Cab. The kids go out. Wes gawks at some women who, as Neh and the driver both agree, are actually men. "Those are the hottest men I've ever seen in my life!" laughs Wes. "Eh, I've seen hotter," thinks Danny.

"Monkey Bar." Wow, these idiots can find the most touristy dive bars no matter where they are. In the middle of the desert, they could find drunk Australians dancing and shooting bad tequila. Wes camera-pales that they went bar-hopping, and then, while drunk on the street, some locals "roll up" on them and start checking out Mel. Danny gets really pissed, and the boys try to calm him down. Neh tells us that fighting locals is the stupidest thing you can do. Dood, especially when you're one punch away from brain damage, and trust me, Danny, that melon of yours is a mammoth target for some Costa Rican street urchin with rage issues and a hatred of Americans. Danny starts yelling at Neh, pissed that Neh won't back him up here but that he'll fight all he wants in Austin. Neh tells him to "shut up." Danny gets mad. Neh tells us that Danny has no respect "here" and that "it sucks."

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