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Most Boring Episode

Previously on The Real World, Kaia got flowers from some guy and then talked about how her dad died of "AIDS and brain cancer" and then said she can't fall in love with a man because her father died and left her. So, we know that this week's episode is going to be about Kaia's quest for love. Hey, I thought it was going to be about their vacation? What the...?

Before I begin, let me just say that this week's episode was so incredibly boring. I'll do the best I can, but there's not much material to work with here. Normally I take about 6 or 7 pages of notes; this week, I took 3. So there you go. Also, I watched this episode with Mary and Molly and I'm totally going to swipe their jokes.

Teck went to an outdoor concert with Pharcyde, Black Eyed Peas and De La Soul. This concert seems to be sparsely attended, but it looked kind of rainy too. Due to Teck's innate coolness, he gets to stand on stage and videotape the concert. Or maybe it's because he's from MTV. I'm not sure. Anyway, one of the members of Pharcyde loves Teck because he's so cool. Or because he's from MTV. One or the other. This band member is named Tre.

Later, Teck and Tetanus Girl are in the van together. Teck has no shirt on and I'm repulsed. Tet Girl has a flower in her hair, and what will become an increasingly ridiculous accessory throughout the show -- a bindi. You know, a dot or jewel in the middle of her forehead, traditionally worn by Indian women. Teck informs us that Tet Girl needs to feel 100% about people and she hasn't found that in Hawaii yet. In the van, Teck asks if "he" called her (with no reference to who "he" is), and Tet Girl says that SHE called HIM. Teck says that she's getting lonely (which translates to "horny" for Teck). In a confessional, Tet Girl says she's really picky.

Back in the van, Teck says that he's there for Tet Girl, and she says that it's a loneliness that only certain people can fulfill (which means, she's horny). Teck says, again, that he's there (which means, he'll do her). Tet Girl says, "You wouldn't be able to handle me." Teck is speechless at the fact that he just got dissed, big time, and all he can say is, "Hey, girl." Good comeback.

Teck tells us that he and Tet Girl went to a club (and we see them walking in) and Tet Girl was talking to Tre from Pharcyde, which we also see. Good thing we have Teck to tell us what we're seeing. Otherwise I wouldn't understand. Teck says Tet Girl was wearing a "hoochie mama outfit," and I'm not sure how this is different from what she wears every day. Must be the bindi. Tet Girl asks Tre if he wants to walk on the beach, and Tre says OK. But it has nothing to do with the fact that he's in a band and she's from MTV. Really. It doesn't.

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