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More of the Same

It looks like the morning after her birthday, because Irulan is still wearing that black dress. Irulan calls Gabe and tells him that, the past couple of nights, she and Alton have been sharing a bed and kissing. Irulan says she knows Gabe didn't want her to hook up with a roommate, but she hooked up with Alton. Irulan apologizes. Gabe asks if they had sex. Irulan says that they just kissed. Liar! Gabe says he wishes she and Alton didn't live together, but it's cool. Irulan confirms that he's cool with it. Irulan tells Gabe that it's great that he's so calm, and that's part of the reason why she loves him. In an interview, Alton asks why he would get involved with a girl who has a boyfriend. Good question, Alton. Clearly, there is no shortage of women looking to get with you. Alton says that he got involved with Irulan because of the possibility of something beautiful happening. Irulan baby-talks with Gabe some more and then hangs up.

Next week: The roommates go to Australia. Steven and Trishelle aren't sleeping together anymore, so Frank makes his move. On Trishelle! Not on Steven.

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