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More of the Same

Steven tells Frank that everyone in the house knows what Alton did except Irulan. Frank -- whose face is covered in a white creamy substance that I'm just going to assume, for the sake of my sanity, is face cream of some sort -- is surprised. In a confessional, Steven says that on Irulan's birthday, Alton gave her flowers and then slept with some tramp. Wasn't Steven the one who was telling Alton not to get too involved with Irulan? So why has he changed his tune now? Steven tells Frank that the whole thing could blow up.

Irulan and Brynn talk while they both take showers. In separate stalls. Get your mind out of the gutter. Actually, given the roommates' behavior this season, you can keep your mind in the gutter. Anyway, Irulan says that Alton's not her boyfriend and he can do what he wants. Irulan says that what bothers her more is that people are whispering behind her back. In an interview, Brynn says she's going to tell Irulan that Alton brought a girl home. Didn't she already tell her? Weird editing, there. Brynn says that she heard something happened between Alton and Carrie. Irulan says it bothers her that people are warning her about Alton, because she and Alton have an understanding. Irulan concludes that she just doesn't want to be disrespected.

Irulan and Alton have a discussion about the issue. Irulan tells Alton what she knows and says she doesn't want to be the naïve one while Alton is the player. In an interview, Alton says that Irulan feels disrespected but he just did it to protect himself. Irulan tells Alton that if he is going to tell her one thing and do something else, she will find out. Alton says that's not what happened. Irulan agrees, but just wants him to know, for future reference. Irulan wants Alton to say what he means and mean what he says. Alton agrees. In an interview, Alton says that Irulan is just as scared about becoming too emotionally attached as he is. That's, like, the first thing that Alton has said in this episode that makes any sense.

Irulan and Brynn have lunch while sitting on the same side of the booth, which seems odd. Irulan says that she's confused, because she has fun with Alton, and every time they have a talk, she feels like the air is cleared. Brynn stabs her salad with her fork (fork! Fork! FORK!) and looks really, really bored. I feel you, Brynn. Irulan says that Alton can do what he wants, but at the same time, when he kisses another girl after kissing her, that shows a lack of respect. So what kind of respect was Irulan showing Alton when she slept with Gabe on his visit right in front of Alton? How can she not see the hypocrisy here? In an interview, Irulan says that she has a relationship. Yeah, we got that. Brynn thinks that Alton is scared. Irulan says, "Whatever." Because if it's not about her, she doesn't care. In an interview, Brynn says that Irulan has a boyfriend, so it gives Alton the right to do whatever he wants. Thank you, Brynn, for finally saying that. Brynn uses a chip to scoop something out of her salad. I guess the producers took her fork away as a condition of her probation. Brynn tells Irulan that once you are physical with someone, you can't help having feelings for him or her. In an interview, Irulan says, "I have a boyfriend who I love and who loves me, and I don't just want to be with somebody to say that I have somebody." You don't? Could have fooled me. Actually, I think she just wants to be with somebody to get attention and adoration.

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