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More of the Same

The next morning, Alton and Carrie are still in bed. Carrie has on a t-shirt and underwear, and Alton is completely naked (despite what Alton tried to claim on, which is that they both slept fully clothed). Trishelle and Steven are in the same room with Alton and Carrie, and are giggling like little kids. Turns out that Alton has kicked the covers off in his sleep and his stuff is all hanging out in the breeze. Well, we don't see it, because it's all blurred out, but clearly they can see it. Steven and Trishelle are dying laughing, but also trying not to wake anyone up. In an interview, Steven says that Alton has the largest penis in the whole world. How do you know, Steven? Frank gets out of the other bed in the room and sleepily walks towards the door. Steven gets Frank's attention and points to Alton. Frank turns and looks and groans like he can't believe it. Steven and Trishelle are still cracking up. Steven finally gets up and puts the blanket back over Alton. In a confessional, Steven says that he, Trishelle, and Frank stood up on the bed, trying to figure out who the girl was. We see them standing and whispering and laughing. A phone rings, and they all take off.

Irulan walks out of her bedroom wearing the same dress she wore the night before. Alton and Carrie walk out of Alton's room, fully dressed. Irulan goes into the bathroom. This whole segment tries to build up tension because Irulan might see Carrie leaving, but then she totally doesn't, so it turns out to be a waste of time. Like much of this episode. I would also like to point out that many teachers have a morals clause in their contracts, and Carrie could get fired. I hope Alton was worth it. Irulan wanders into Alton's bedroom and claims that she might still be drunk. In an interview, Alton says that if Irulan found out about Carrie, she would be uncomfortable, so Alton isn't going to tell her in order to spare her feelings. Good one, Alton. You keep telling yourself that. Really, you're just afraid that she'll cut you off. Alton snuggles Irulan and kisses her arm.

Arissa asks Brynn whether she knows what happened on Irulan's birthday. Brynn claims that she doesn't know anything, and doesn't really seem to care. Arissa is such a shit-stirrer. Arissa says that Alton brought another woman home. Which is totally his right! Irulan has a boyfriend! Why is this a big deal? Arissa says Irulan doesn't know and Arissa won't tell her. Brynn thinks that Alton and Irulan have an understanding and it's not a big deal, but Arissa disagrees. In an interview, Arissa says that if Alton cares about Irulan as much as he says he does, he wouldn't bring someone home. I don't see where it's any of Arissa's business, first of all, and second, I repeat, Irulan has a boyfriend. If she really cares about him as much as she says she does, she wouldn't be hooking up with Alton. And if she really cares about Alton as much as she says she does, she would break up with Gabe. Arissa doesn't understand how Alton can kiss Irulan after being with Carrie. Hmm, didn't Irulan hook up with Alton the night before Gabe came to visit? I think she did. I don't get Arissa's double standard here.

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